Aluminium and art: AMP’s H!GHEND technology adorns Britvic’s Tango Mango beverage cans

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On the heels of a dazzling collaboration between beverage giant Britvic and Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP)-Europe, we are happy to unveil the limited-edition H!GHEND design for Tango Mango cans, which has set a new standard for single-serve refreshment. This partnership, born from a shared dedication to innovation, not only elevates the visual allure of packaging but also reflects a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Aluminium and art: AMP’s H!GHEND technology adorns Britvic’s Tango Mango beverage cans


The 330ml Tango Mango cans, adorned with a sophisticated matte finish, stand as a testament to AMP's revolutionary H!GHEND technology. This avant-garde approach not only enhances the customer experience but also mirrors the bold and vibrant nature of the Tango brand. The meticulously crafted mango graphic seamlessly aligns with Tango's identity, adding a new dimension to the consumer's interaction with the product.

A Glimpse into Operations: AMP-Europe and Britvic unveiled

Ardagh Metal Packaging's (AMP) state-of-the-art plant in Rugby, UK, acts as the cradle for these exquisite creations. The cans embark on an underground journey to the adjacent Britvic factory, symbolising not just efficiency but a shared commitment to sustainability. By reducing carbon emissions through local transport, the partnership contributes to a greener future.

Britvic's visionary leap: A flavourful journey with Tango Mango

For Britvic, this collaboration is not just a merger of aesthetics but a visionary leap into the future of beverage packaging. Victoria Burridge, the brand manager of Britvic, commented: "Decorated beverage can ends were presented as a concept by Ardagh, and we thought it would be the perfect fit for our launch of Tango Mango."

"The H!GHEND designs truly complement the bold and vibrant nature of our product and not only enhance the visual appeal of our packaging but also align seamlessly with the Tango brand's essence, adding a new dimension to the consumer experience," Burridge added.

The packaging development manager at Britvic, Mike Cunningham, asserted: "With innovation being a key category driver for fruit-flavoured carbonates, we are committed to continuing to innovate in this space."

AMP's pioneering pact: Sourcing sustainable aluminium with Novelis

In a recent development across the Atlantic, AMP USA entered into a meaningful contract with Novelis, a sustainable aluminium solutions provider. This agreement underscores AMP's commitment to sourcing aluminium beverage packaging sheets from a reliable partner, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the industry.

The use of aluminium beverage cans in this collaboration goes beyond aesthetics. Aluminium, being endlessly recyclable, paves the way for a circular economy. AMP's cans, produced with Novelis' sustainable aluminium sheets, offer a compelling example of responsible sourcing. The material's composition, boasting recyclability without compromising quality, aligns perfectly with the global push for environmentally conscious practices.

As Britvic and AMP-Europe redefine the narrative of beverage packaging, their journey transcends mere collaboration. It is an avenue for innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to shaping a future where every sip comes with a touch of elegance and responsibility.

The sustainable packaging solutions market is going to reach new heights in the upcoming decade with the increasing need for circular activities. If you are interested in knowing more about the dynamics of the Aluminium foil and sheet market, shuffle through AL Circle's special report, Aluminium Foils and its End Uses.

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