What does AL Circle’s report “Aluminium Foil and its End Uses Current Trends and Forecast till 2028” offer to you?

The usage of aluminium foil has come a long way over the past few years, from being a humble household product wrapper to a critical material for the packaging industry. Thanks to some of its incredible properties like recyclability, flexibility, temperature and bacteria resistance, and oxygen, light and odour barrier, aluminium foil has become an indispensable solution for sustainable packaging. About 48 per cent of aluminium foil is estimated to be used in the packaging industry in 2023. 

Industrial applications, such as fins for heat exchangers and capacitor foil, and cathode collectors for lithium-ion batteries, have also become a key area for aluminium foil usage. Industrial applications are likely to account for 30 per cent of the world’s aluminium foil usage this year.

This phenomenal transformation in aluminium foil applications and the rising trend of consumption have inspired AL Circle to come up with an industry-comprehensive report on “Aluminium Foil and its End Uses Current Trends and Forecast till 2028”. The report evaluates the ongoing trend of aluminium foil consumption and finds that the total global consumption of aluminium foil in 2023 will stand at around 6.1 million tonnes, primarily driven by China. The report also forecasts that China’s foil demand in the coming years will be impacted by the slow economic growth but the EV industry will counterbalance the domestic consumption for making Li-ion batteries.

The new report also shows region-specific aluminium foil market. It states that India, South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia will be some of the key Asia Pacific regions where aluminium foil demand will increase by around 4% per annum over the next five years. The increasing collection and recycling rates of post-consumer aluminium packaging products are believed to drive the future growth of aluminium foil demand. 

AL Circle, being an eye for details, provides further insights into end user sectors that will contribute to the growth aluminium foil in the future. Through this report, AL Circle has also highlighted the countries that will drive the growth. 

In a nutshell, the report covers:

World Aluminium Usage – An Overview

  • Primary aluminium: capacity and production
  • Aluminium usage across regions
  • Aluminium usage by end user sectors
  • Aluminium usage by product groups

World Aluminium Foil Usage

  • World aluminium foil usage across regions
  • World aluminium foil usage across end use sectors
  • Applications of aluminium foil

Global Aluminium Foil Capacities & Production

  • Overview
  • North America: Capacity & production
  • South America: Capacity & production
  • Europe: Capacity & production
  • China: Capacity & production
  • Rest of Asia Pacific (excl. China): Capacity & production
  • Middle East & Africa: Capacity & production

Aluminium Foil Trade

  • Overview
  • North America: Aluminium foil trade
  • South America: Aluminium foil trade
  • Europe: Aluminium foil trade
  • China: Aluminium foil trade
  • Rest of Asia Pacific (excl. China): Aluminium foil trade
  • Middle East & Africa: Aluminium foil trade

Profiles of select aluminium foil manufacturers
Aluminium foil for Lithium-ion batteries


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