Ardagh Metal Packaging receives Gold title at Cans of the Year Awards 2022 for its H!GHEND technology

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Ardagh Metal Packaging has been awarded the Gold title for its H!GHEND series at The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards 2022. The flagship technique by Ardagh has been crucial in bringing forward attractive beverage can design, making an ordinary aluminium can look exceptional.

Ardagh Metal Packaging receives Gold title at Cans of the Year Awards 2022 for its H!GHEND technology , Alcircle News


H!GHEND, AMP’s revolutionary new addition to its range of can-end options, was appreciated by the industry, given the range of customisable, brand-enhancing creative opportunities it offers, taking the top prize in the Prototype category.

Mainly beverage brands are going to benefit from Ardagh’s H!GHEND technology since it would be easier to entice customers with colourful content. Moreover, this also makes it easier for beverage companies to collaborate with other advertisement sub-genres, like a cartoon or comic characters.

The print technology of H!GHEND permits canned beverage brands to utilise the highly intriguing visual effects at the can end for the first time and in up to 200 variations per batch.

The Cans of the Year Awards have been officiated as the most important recognition for the global metal packaging industry for more than 25 years. This year it was held at the Prague Marriott Hotel in the Czech Republic, with a fabulously laid dinner for the invitees. 

The sales director at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe, Dirk Schwung, notified: “It seems like we can’t stop celebrating! Cans of the Year Gold is another big prize for H!GHEND, coming right after it won Best Metal Design at the World Beverage Innovation Awards, too.

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“We are so committed to innovating, and producing exciting new options for our customers, so it’s great to have the wider industry recognise the achievements of our hardworking teams,” he concluded.

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