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China’s alumina spot price loses RMB1/t; SMM A00 aluminium price dives by RMB90/t mid-week

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The average alumina spot price in China has shed RMB 1 per tonne, officiating at RMB 2,933 per tonne. The alumina price in Henan has added RMB 5 per tonne to stop at RMB 2,945 per tonne, while the alumina price in Shanxi has lost RMB 10 per tonne to settle at a similar rate as Henan.

China’s alumina spot price loses RMB1/t; SMM A00 aluminium price dives by RMB90/t mid-week

On September 13, the Shanghai Metals Market witnessed decreasing prices all over China, with the SMM A00 aluminium ingot price slumping by RMB 90 per tonne to officially close at RMB 19,430 per tonne. The average prices have ranged between RMB 19,410 per tonne and RMB 19,450 per tonne.

China’s eight major provinces all have seen depleting prices today, with the biggest dip marked in Foshan and Chongqing by RMB 110 per tonne, to officially close at RMB 19,180 per tonne and 19,310 per tonne, respectively. In Gongyi, the aluminium price has plunged by RMB 100 per tonne, resting at RMB 19,250 per tonne. In Hangzhou, Tianjin and Linyi, the prices have uniformly dropped RMB 90 per tonne, with the former cataloguing a price of RMB 19,410 per tonne and the latter two settling down at RMB 19,380 per tonne. Lastly, the aluminium prices in Wuxi and Shenyang have dived down by RMB 80 per tonne to close at RMB 19,410 per tonne and RMB 19,370 per tonne.

The price of low-carbon aluminium in China has shed RMB 110 per tonne, officially closing at RMB 19,937 per tonne.

The high-purity aluminium price (99.99%) and the high-purity aluminium price (99.996%) have both negated RMB 100 per tonne to close at RMB 26,900 per tonne and RMB 27,900 per tonne.

The price of aluminium alloy (A356) and the price of aluminium alloy (A360) have gone down the graph by RMB 100 per tonne and RMB 50 per tonne, respectively, officially closing at RMB 20,050 per tonne and RMB 20,350 per tonne.

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China’s aluminium powder price has shrunk by RMB 0.10 per kg to park at RMB 21.30 per kg, with average prices ranging between RMB 21.20 per kg and RMB 21.40 per kg.

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