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US alumina imports record a 21% Y-o-Y rise to 1.88 MT, with Australia withholding the second position as exporter

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According to the US Census Bureau survey, the United States imported 508,000 tonnes of alumina in the fourth quarter of 2022, which reflected a significant rise of 63,000 tonnes or 25.39 per cent quarter-on-quarter from 445,000 tonnes. On a year-on-year calculation, the United States alumina imports in Q4 2022 soared by 97,000 tonnes or 35.77 per cent from 411,000 tonnes. 

US alumina imports record a Y-o-Y rise of 21% to 1.88 MT, with Australia withholding the second position as exporter

In the year's second half, the United States imported 953,000 tonnes of alumina, up by 2.58 per cent from 929,000 tonnes in H1 2022 and 27.58 per cent more than 747,000 tonnes in H2 2021.

In the full year 2022, the United States sourced 1.88 million tonnes of alumina, which recorded a year-on-year increase of 21.29 per cent from 1.55 million tonnes, found the USGS data.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Brazil continued as the highest exporter of alumina to the US, providing 243,000 tonnes, which, however, registered a dip of 2,000 tonnes from 245,000 tonnes in Q3. On a year-on-year basis, the US alumina imports from Brazil were 28.74 per cent less than 341,000 tonnes. Through 2022, the United States imported 1.17 million tonnes of aluminium ore from Brazil, compared to 1.05 million tonnes in 2021.

Australia withheld the second position as alumina exporter to the US in Q4, supplying 161,000 tonnes. On a Q-o-Q basis, the export volume edged a 94.68 per cent hike from 82,700 tonnes. In the full year 2022, Australia exported 248,000 tonnes of alumina to the US, compared to 66,500 tonnes in 2021.

Global Aluminium Industry Outlook 2023

Canada and Jamaica jointly exported 27,660 tonnes of alumina to the US in 4Q2022 versus 31,300 tonnes in the previous quarter and 34,100 tonnes during the same period last year.

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