Tuffman's sturdy conveyors and screens combat downtime for material recyclers

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Tuffman Equipment was acquired by General Kinematics in 2018 as part of its strategic move to enhance recycling systems. This acquisition aimed to diversify and expand General Kinematic's (GK) equipment offerings, particularly in the recycling sector. After the acquisition, General Kinematics evaluated and upgraded Tuffman's screens and conveyors to align with what a GK executive proudly refers to as "the GK standard."

Tuffman's sturdy conveyors and screens combat downtime for material recyclers


The enhanced robustness of the Tuffman line has significantly reduced downtime for recyclers handling metal and construction and demolition (C&D) materials. This improvement is a testament to General Kinematics' commitment to providing high-performance and reliable recycling solutions. Thanks to the upgraded Tuffman line, recyclers can now enjoy more efficient and dependable operations.

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste is generated from the construction, renovation, repair, and demolition of houses, large structures, roads, bridges, piers, and dams. C&D waste comprises wood, steel, aluminium, concrete, gypsum, masonry, plaster, metal, and asphalt.

Alan Grove, Market Director of Resource Recovery at General Kinematics Vibrating Equipment, said, "The Tuffman acquisition has helped the made-in-America equipment provider offer as complete a catalogue of equipment as possible to its customers, many of whom are in the auto shredding and C&D materials recycling sectors."

"With Tuffman, we can offer our customers complete turnkey systems. We can connect our GK core recycling technology with the Tuffman trommels, nonvibratory conveyor belts and pick stations for a one-stop shop, creating a better customer experience."

Tuffman's sturdy conveyors and screens combat downtime for material recyclers

Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials available today. It is 100 per cent recyclable, allowing items like beverage cans, car doors, and window frames to be recycled directly back into similar products, making aluminium exceptionally sustainable.

Grove states that GK aims to deliver maximum durability in providing both its established line of vibratory screens and conveyors and the newly acquired Tuffman products. This is designed to significantly minimise a major issue for recycling plant operators: downtime.

“Downtime is the No. 1 killer of profit margins for our customers—if your machine isn’t running, then you aren’t making money,” Grove said.

"The original Tuffman equipment designs were scrutinised and upgraded to meet our dependability requirements. GK vehemently protects its reputation as an equipment provider with unmatched reliability and durability", Grove stated.

Sturdiness is an important factor when customers buy equipment for harsh environments, and Grove says this is well known to them.

“The best way to ensure your machine stays up and running is to choose equipment that is designed to take a beating and built to last.”

According to the Director of Resource Recovery serving the global recycling market, “General Kinematics was founded on the idea of creating dependable, robust equipment that can outlast the harsh environments in which they work.”

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