What does AL Circle’s report “World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis - Industry Forecast to 2030” offer?

World aluminium demand is rapidly recovering after the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, driven mainly by recycled metal. Growing commitment towards sustainability and environment-friendliness is the main reason behind the demand ramp-up for recycled aluminium. Along with the demand, production is also on the rising spree with rapid project developments of recycling plants. Hence, it is high time to look at the ongoing trend of the global aluminium recycled market and analyse the future. 

With the same purpose, AL Circle has developed a new comprehensive, industry-focused report on "World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis - Industry Forecast to 2030". The report highlights a significant growth rate of approximately 3.65% CAGR in recycled aluminium usage from 2022 to 2030, led by castings and canstock. China's recycled aluminium usage is estimated to exceed 15 million tonnes by 2030, and Europe's is anticipated to surpass 7 million tonnes.

From 2023 onwards, the projection for recycled aluminium usage looks optimistic, indicating a promising sign for both the aluminium recycling industry and the broader sustainability goals, as it reflects an increasing reliance on recycled aluminium across various applications.

This report contains a detailed analytical study on the future aluminium recycling market, with a wealth of historical data since the pre-COVID time and insightful forecasts till 2030. Right from data related to scrap collection to consumption of recycled aluminium in end-user sectors, you will find all of it in this report.
In addition, it discusses in length and breadth the technologies used in sorting and recycling aluminium scrap, pollution control strategy while recycling, leading players in recycled aluminium production, trade policies for importing and exporting scrap, and so on. Technological advancements used in aluminium recycling and state-of-the-art recycled aluminium applications in various industrial sectors are also the focal point of the report

In a nutshell, AL Circle’s “World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis - Industry Forecast to 2030” report contains:

  • Recycled aluminium: Usage across regions
  • Recycled aluminium: Usage by end use
  • Advantages and challenges of recycling aluminium 
  • Recycling aluminium value chain
  • Recycling aluminium production process
  • Machineries and equipment used in the aluminium recycling process
  • Global trends in aluminium scrap collection and recycling – macro perspective
  • Aluminium recycling and pollution control
  • Key players in recycled aluminium production
  • ASI certified recyclers
  • Energy consumption in aluminium recycling
  • Scrap demand and trade

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