"Sustainability is a question of commitment for us", HAI

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Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI), a leading supplier of high-quality aluminium products, has set its sights on becoming the industry's most dynamic and sustainable provider. The company is committing to sustainable corporate management, emphasising aluminium recycling, green sourcing, green energy, and environmentally friendly processes. This strategic move underscores HAI's dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation in the aluminium sector.

Sustainability is a question of commitment for us


HAI is dedicated to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, aligning with the Science-Based Targets initiative. This commitment involves reducing emissions by the latest scientific research, aiming to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C. By setting these specific, science-based emissions targets, HAI continues to lead the development of sustainable aluminium products.

The company offers end-to-end aluminium solutions, encompassing everything from recycling and advanced aluminium profiles to finished components. The HAI aluminium cycle includes strategic metal procurement, pre-processing, sorting, smelting, casting, extrusion, and further processing, ensuring a seamless end-to-end service.

Most emissions in the aluminium industry occur during primary aluminium production. However, increasing the recycling rate can significantly reduce the industry's CO₂ footprint. By using recycled aluminium instead of primary metals, HAI achieves up to a 95 per cent reduction in energy consumption and an 80 per cent reduction in CO₂ emissions.

HAI's recycling rate is not just high; it's exceptional. This is made possible through our unique approach, which involves using diverse types of scrap, extensive material knowledge, and a suitable production process. These elements are all underpinned by its years of recycling expertise, setting us apart in the industry.

HAI has secured a five-year supply agreement for 150,000 tonnes of Natur-Al™ aluminium with Century Aluminium. Produced using 100 per cent renewable energy at Century's Norðurál Grundartangi factory in Iceland, Natur-Al™ aluminium boasts direct CO₂ emissions of under two tonnes per tonne of aluminium, one of the lowest in the world for this metal. The total CO₂ footprint per tonne is four tonnes, less than a quarter of the industry's average.

As a recycler and recycling smelter, the CO₂ content of the primary aluminium HAI sources significantly affects their overall footprint. This agreement underscores HAI Group's unwavering commitment to sustainability, demonstrating that they are not compromising their environmental goals.

Markus Schober, the COO of HAI Group, said, “Recycling and the sustainable manufacturing of our products that is associated with it have become key issues for the future. For us it’s important to ensure that scrap aluminium from all our product segments is efficiently recycled so as to increase our recycling rates and consequently make a contribution to climate neutrality and the circular economy.”

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