India’s aluminium scrap imports from the US mark a 2% rise in H1 2023 after trending up through the year

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According to the US Census Bureau data, India’s aluminium scrap imports from the United States during the first half of 2023 ended June 30 totalled 231,000 tonnes, registering an increase of 4,000 tonnes or 1.76 per cent from 227,000 tonnes a year ago.

India's aluminium scrap imports from US - H1 2022 vs H1 2023


In the second quarter of the year, India’s aluminium scrap imports from the United States amounted to 134,500 tonnes, substantially up by 37,800 tonnes or 39.09 per cent from 96,700 tonnes in Q1 2023 ended March 31. In June, India imported 46,600 tonnes of aluminium scrap from the US, compared to 48,100 tonnes in May. That reflected a month-on-month decline of 1,500 tonnes or 3.12 per cent, following a hike in May by 20.85 per cent from 39,800 tonnes in April.

India's aluminium scrap imports' M-o-M trend through H1 2023

India’s aluminium scrap imports from the US grew each month through the first half of the year until they dropped in June. The import volume in April also recorded a rise of 9.34 per cent, following a growth in the previous month by 17.42 per cent to 36,400 tonnes. In February 2023, India’s scrap imports were at 31,000 tonnes, slightly up from 29,300 tonnes in January.

On a year-on-year basis, India’s aluminium scrap imports from the US stood 13.94 per cent higher in June 2023 than 40,900 tonnes, despite a monthly dip.

World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis

The USGS data showed that the United States’ total aluminium scrap exports in H1 2023 stood at 1.04 million tonnes – 2.97 per cent higher than 1.01 million tonnes a year earlier. In June 2023, the export volume was recorded at 180,000 tonnes, down by 8.16 per cent from 196,000 tonnes but up by 9.76 per cent from 164,000 tonnes.

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