What does AlCircle’s new report on “World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis - Industry Forecast to 2026” offer?

AlCircle, the Virtual Aluminium Ecosystem, has added a new Sector Focus Report – “World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis - Industry Forecast to 2026” to its portfolio. As the leading aluminium companies across the globe are aiming at achieving net zero carbon emissions, recycled aluminium demands more and more focused R&D. En+ Group, the world’s biggest producer of low carbon aluminium and independent hydropower, has already unveiled its Pathway to Net Zero Report, providing comprehensive detail of its roadmap to become net zero by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 35% by 2030. 

Similarly, the Norwegian aluminium company Hydro has announced that it would emphasis on the production of low-carbon aluminium, as well as broaden its portfolio into recycling, renewables, and batteries by 2025. At this juncture, AlCircle feels extremely necessary to analyse the world recycled aluminium market and future growth potential to determine its contribution towards achieving sustainable and carbon-free aluminium metal industry.

This report has pointed out that China, the major user country of recycled aluminium in the world, is expected to increase its usage to 14.5 million tonnes by 2026. In Western Europe, recycled aluminium usage is forecast to grow to 5 million tonnes by 2026. While canstock is a mainstay sector of recycled aluminium consumption, casting applications is anticipated to emerge as a prime area across the globe. By 2026, world usage of recycled aluminium for castings applications is forecast to increase to about 16.6 million tonnes, surpassing the estimated consumption of 6.2 million tonnes in canstock.

Besides this, the report has attempted to cover industry-specific usage of recycled aluminium in each major region and its growth trend in the next five years.

In a nutshell, the report covers the following points:

  • Recycled aluminium: Usage & Forecast across regions
  • Recycled aluminium: Usage by end use
  • Advantages of recycling aluminium
  • Recycling aluminium value chain
  • Recycled aluminium production processes
  • Global trends in aluminium scrap collection and recycling – macro perspective
  • Aluminium recycling – Technology developments – macro view
  • Aluminium recycling and pollution control – an overview
  • Applications of recycled aluminium
  • Key players in recycled aluminium production
  • Scrap demand and trade

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