What are “cookies” ?

“Cookies” are simply small pieces of data, which are stored as text files on your computer, whenever you visit certain websites. Their typical purpose is to help sites remember particular actions you may have done there in the past. For example, cookies may track when you have logged into a site, visited certain pages or clicked certain buttons.

AL Circle uses cookies to improve your user experience. In many cases, cookies are even essential for better functionality of certain features of a site. Normally we use cookies to :

  • Remember when you have logged into a site.
  • Remember your user preferences, searches and favourites.
  • Track your usage of a site, via Google Analytics©.
  • Track the performance of our marketing campaigns.
Our third-party providers use cookies to :
  • Target more relevant advertisements to you
  • Enable social media sharing
  • Ensure better service delivery

Are cookies harmful ?

Cookies cannot harm you or your computer. They cannot contain viruses, cannot install harmful software and cannot damage your computer in any way. Although AL Circle uses cookies to gather encrypted information to improve your user experience, this information is never personally identifiable. We do not use cookies to store any sensitive information, such as name, address or contact details.

However, if you do wish to disable or remove cookies, please see the “Help” section of your browser or mobile device. Each browser or device handles the management of cookies differently, so you will need to refer to your appropriate “Help” documentation. Please be aware that cookies are essential for certain features of AL Circle site to work properly.

The reason behind providing this information

The information provided here on the use of cookies is in accordance with recent cookie legislation. We also want you, as a valued user, to fully understand your privacy, how cookies affect you and to be entirely comfortable with your user experience.

We trust that this information eases any concerns you may have had about your privacy and safety with cookies.