What does the AlCircle’s report on "Aluminium Foil and its End uses: Current Trends and Forecast" offer to you? Due to its versatility and multiple uses, aluminium foil turns out to become one of the most consumed aluminium products across the world. Growing at 3.9% per annum in recent years, the global aluminium foil usage reached 5.33 million tonnes in 2018 and is further, forecast to reach 6.71 million tonnes by 2025. China’s aluminium foil usage is estimated at 2.43 million tonnes in 2018 which accounts for about 46% of the world usage. From the point of view of end-user sector, consumer applications account for a bulk of the aluminium foil usage and in 2018 the segment accounted for 69% of the global foil demand. Industrial applications accounted for the rest 31%. The global demand for aluminium foil is expected to be led by China and the emerging markets in the coming decades. The growth in China will be followed slowly by mature US and European markets. China’s aluminium foil market is expected to outpace the global usage with the country’s demand forecast to grow at 4.7% per annum during the next seven years. However, slowdown in Chinese economy might impact the forecast in the coming years. World aluminium foil production capacity stood at an estimated 6.85 million tonnes in 2018. China accounted for about 63% of the world foil production capacity equating to about 4.3 million tonnes. China is not only the largest producer and consumer of foils, but also the highest exporter of aluminium foils, which led countries like the U.S., Mexico, Turkey and others to take up restrictive trade actions against Chinese foil import. AlCircle, being at the forefront of the aluminium industry information circle, has been doing its own research on the aluminium foil market, its growth and the changing trade dynamics. It is now time for us to come up with another sector focus report on "Aluminium Foil and its End uses: Current Trends and Forecast”. In a nutshell, the report covers the following points: World primary aluminium production & usage: global, by region, end user sectors and product groups World aluminium foil usage: global, by region and end user sectors Various applications of aluminium foil Global aluminium foil capacities & production: global and region wise Aluminium foil trade: global and region wise Recent trade policy changes and impact on foreign trade Changing trade dynamics Recent innovations in aluminium foil usage Recent development and investments in the aluminium foil market


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