AlCircle’s Aluminium Industry Recap 2018 will give you an opportunity to look back at the significant developments that shaped or disturbed the industry value chain. This edition of Aluminium Industry Recap 2018 aims to touch upon the major developments vertical wise, which influenced each other driving growth or counter growth. We also touched upon the major projects, collaborations, investments and divestments, expansions and also the policy changes. The developments are not only analysed chronologically but also analytically so that you can draw a conclusion on how the entire value chain moved together to bring about a turnaround in the market. AlCircle reports aim to enhance your business intelligence and the Recap edition is just another step towards making the process easier. In a nutshell, following points are covered by our industry recap: All key major developments that took place in the six verticals of the aluminium value chain. The raw material market: bauxite and alumina and its major developments, demand and supply scenario, price momentum and foreign trade trends over the year Top project expansions and investments in all the verticals A look at the changing political and economic policies and their impact on the industry The big alumina market jump on supply concerns Impact of Trump’s 10% tariffs on the import of aluminium from all countries and punitive sanctions on Rusal on prices. Analysis of LME and SME aluminium price trends and a short term outlook A look back at China’s semi-finished aluminium exports and its implications. The global aluminium market balance: demand supply analysis Downstream Sector Analysis: How strong demand kept the aluminium market moving Top factors driving aluminium demand and automotive aluminium growth Aluminium packaging sector analysis with special reference to cans Trends in the construction sector and how it moved aluminium demand Transport Sector growth, innovations and expansions in 2018 Aluminium recycling market and the factors influencing it in 2018

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