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China’s A00 aluminium ingot price elevates by RMB50/t; Alumina price in Henan loses RMB5/t

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A00 aluminium ingot price has seen an escalation of RMB 50 per tonne to begin the week at RMB 18,220 per tonne, as recorded by the Shanghai Metals Market on Wednesday, August 3. The average prices are expected to range between RMB 18,200 per tonne and RMB 18,240 per tonne, with spot contracts to be traded at a discount price of RMB 50 per tonne and RMB 10 per tonne.

China’s A00 aluminium ingot price elevates by RMB50/t; Alumina price in Henan loses RMB5/t , Alcircle News

The provinces in China have witnessed booming prices today, with A00 aluminium ingot prices rising the highest in Linyi by RMB 100 per tonne to RMB 18,270 per tonne. The primary aluminium price in Tianjin has gained RMB 70 per tonne to rest at RMB 18,220 per tonne. The prices in Gongyi, Foshan and Chongqing have grown by RMB 60 per tonne to halt at RMB 18,170 per tonne, RMB 18,120 per tonne and RMB 18,180 per tonne. The prices of aluminium ingot in Wuxi and Hangzhou increased by RMB 50 per tonne to stabilize at RMB 18,200 per tonne and RMB 18,250 per tonne, respectively. Primary aluminium price has refrained from any change in Shenyang, staying stoic at RMB 18,160 per tonne.

In China, the domestic price of low-carbon aluminium has expanded by RMB 46 per tonne to stand at RMB 18,716 per tonne on Wednesday, August 3.

According to the data shown by SMM, high purity aluminium (99.99%) price and high purity aluminium (99.996%) price have been augmented by RMB 100 per tonne each to rest at RMB 26,300 per tonne and RMB 27,300 per tonne, respectively.

The alumina price in China has dropped by RMB 1 per tonne to rest at RMB 2,969 per tonne. The alumina price in Henan has plunged RMB 5 per tonne to close at RMB 3,020 per tonne.

The price of aluminium alloy (A356) has moved up by RMB 50 per tonne to stop at RMB 19,300 per tonne, with average prices ranging between RMB 19,200 and RMB 19,400 per tonne. The prices of aluminium alloys (ADC12) and aluminium alloy (A380) have shown no alteration.

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The aluminium powder price in China has shown no change in data as well.

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