Water Almighty's aluminium bottles make a splash in the UK market

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The founder of Gunna Drinks, known for their anti-plastic stance, has unveiled a bold new venture with the launch of Water Almighty, the UK's premier aluminium-bottled functional water. This initiative comes hot on the heels of the recent announcement of their state-of-the-art aluminium bottling facility, The Sustainable Bottling Co.

Water Almighty's aluminium bottles make a splash in the UK market


With its aluminium-bottled, mineral-enriched waters, this new venture aims not only to quench thirst but also to combat the plastic scourge that clutters our shelves and endangers our planet. As the first of its kind in the UK, Water Almighty stands tall as a beacon of sustainability, offering retailers and consumers alike a refreshing, carbon-neutral, and conscience-clearing choice.

About Water Almighty

Water Almighty aims to combat plastic bottle waste by offering retailers and caterers two environmentally conscious, carbon-neutral options. The brand will debut with a still and sparkling water enriched with seven essential minerals and electrolytes, priced at £1.99 per 470ml bottle. 

Research by Greenpeace underscores the urgent need for such initiatives, revealing that only 10 per cent of plastic intended for recycling in the UK undergoes the process. The rest often ends up incinerated, landfilled, or shipped overseas, contributing to the global plastic pollution crisis.

Melvin Jay, the founder of GUNNA Drinks, The Sustainable Bottling Co, and new Water Almighty said, "We're thrilled to be launching Water Almighty to market. Alongside launching our own bespoke aluminium bottling facility, The Sustainable Bottling Co., the launch of Water Almighty feels like the next natural step in the exciting trajectory we're on as a business to stand up to 'big soda' and banish single-use-plastic. We're particular excited about the brand as it ticks so many boxes for what both retailers and consumers are looking for."

Why aluminium bottles?

Water Almighty's decision to house its products in infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles presents many compelling advantages. Beyond its clear environmental merits, the 470ml bottle boasts the same on-shelf footprint as conventional single-use plastic bottles, providing retailers with an effortless, eco-conscious alternative.

For consumers, these bottles offer the convenience of reusability and refillability, courtesy of the resealable cap, while also being fully recyclable. Capitalizing on the surging consumer demand for functional beverages, Water Almighty's two offerings will feature seven added minerals and electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium, molybdenum, potassium, and sodium. Each bottle will supply 20% of the daily requirement for these essential minerals.

"Water Almighty has brilliant environmental credentials, which when paired with its wellness proposition thanks to added minerals and electrolytes, meets two of the biggest shopper demands in market right now. Beyond this and most importantly, we hope that by giving consumers more choice to pick planet-friendly options, we can do our bit to end the industry's reliance on damaging single use plastics," added Melvin Jay.

The success of aluminium-bottled water in the US market, with sales surpassing $1 billion in recent years, demonstrates the immense growth potential. Notably, Proud Source Water has emerged as a leader, achieving revenues exceeding $300 million in under six years. Anticipating a similar trajectory in the UK, Water Almighty is poised to spearhead this burgeoning sector, poised for explosive growth.

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