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Aluminium extrusion is one of the highest growth aluminium product segments along with rolled products and castings. Currently, aluminium extrusions capacity across the world stands at around 41.5 million tonnes per annum. Of this, Chinese extruders account for about 56%, equating to about 23.5 million tonnes per annum. As for the usage is concerned, world usage grew at a fast pace of 6% per annum during the last five years and is estimated at 28 million tonnes in 2017.  China accounts for an estimated 63% of the total aluminium extrusions usage and the country’s share of global extrusions usage is expected to increase to 69% by 2025. The demand for extrusion is forecast to grow at 5.4% per annum till 2025 to cross the 40 million tonne mark.

A number of leading producers have been taking up Greenfield and Brownfield projects in the extrusion sector and merger and acquisitions have been taking place for business growth. The top extruders in the world are constantly exploring new markets to develop their business. Aluminium extrusions are used in a number of end user sectors such as construction, transportation, electrical, machinery and consumer durables owing to their strength, flexibility, durability and sustainability. 


Here is a list of top five leading aluminium extrusion manufactures in the world.  The list is based on current sales volumes and the industry coverage and is dynamic depending on changing market conditions. 

Hydro Extruded Solutions

Currently Hydro Extruded Solutions is the world leader in aluminium solutions – a new company that has merged the aluminium extrusion businesses of Sapa and Hydro. Hydro took full ownership of the 50/50 joint venture Sapa AS by buying the remaining 50 per cent stake from conglomerate Orkla Group in October 2017. In Extruded Solutions, Hydro has the largest global aluminium extrusion-based solutions operation in the world, counting 100 production sites in more than 40 countries, with its head office located in Oslo, Norway.

Hydro Extruded Solutions accounts for the largest share in the aluminium extrusion market and offers everything from design to manufacturing, fabrication, surface treatment and finishing of aluminium extrusions. It produces extruded aluminium profiles, semi-finished components, system solutions and finished products according to customer’s requirement. Hydro’s extruded aluminium profiles are used as components in virtually all available end use applications including buildings, cars, industries, machines etc. With the help of their global reach and local presence in extrusion, building systems and precision tubing, Hydro Extruded Solutions has been able to achieve underlying EBIT of NOK 1,691 million in the first half of 2018.  Underlying EBIT for Extruded Solutions in Q2 increased 30% from Q1, driven by improved sales volumes and margins.  Extruded Solutions sales volumes stood at 735,000 tonnes in H1 2018.

China Zhongwang

China Zhongwang is the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest industrial aluminium extrusion developer and manufacturer. China Zhongwang has adopted a unique four-in-one business model in order to provide one-stop solution to customers, which comprises product development, die design and manufacturing and alloy smelting and casting using state-of-the-art equipment.

After more than 20 years of dedicated development, the Group currently has over 90 aluminium extrusion production lines, including 22 production lines of large-scale aluminium extrusion presses of 75MN or above, with an aggregate annual production capacity of close to 2 million tonnes. In addition, the Group has installed two ultra-large 225MN extrusion presses, which are the largest and most advanced presses in the world.

China Zhongwang Financial Highlights

In the year 2017, China Zhongwang’s aluminium extrusion business accounted for 88% of its revenue and 96% of its gross profit. The rest was contributed by its deep processing and flat rolled product segments. Aluminium extrusion business reported a total sales volume of 616,161 tonnes and total sales revenue of RMB 17,106,175,000 (US$2.5 billion) in 2017. Revenue increased about 20.2% YoY.

Other than shipping to China’s domestic market, the company also exports to Germany, Malaysia United Kingdom and Belgium along with others.

Guangya Aluminum

Guangya Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., located in the Nanhai District of Foshan city, is a leading producer of various kinds of construction and industrial aluminium extrusion profile.

Founded in 1996, with the strong development of Nanhai building industry, Guangya has grown to become a leading aluminium manufacturer, with fixed assets of 1 billion yuan, more than 4000 employees and an annual capacity of about 300,000 tons. Guangya is a national ecological demonstration enterprise and Construction Ministry’s aluminium alloy profile manufacturer. It is also the authorized manufacturer of the two famous European Window & Door Systems.

Guangya Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.has more than 60 production lines from 500 tons to 4000 tons (Nanhai base has 30 lines, Sanshui base has more than 30 lines) and 7 power coating production lines (Nanhai base has 4 lines, Sanhui base has 3 lines) with many other facilities.  It also has more than 140 sets key productions machines, most of them are from famous brands at home and abroad.

Press Metal Berhad

Press Metal Berhad is a Malaysian-based aluminium company with an extensive global presence. From our modest beginning as a privately-owned local aluminium extrusion company in 1986, we have grown into a globally integrated aluminium corporation. With a smelting capacity of 760,000 tonnes and an extrusion capacity of 160,000 tonnes per annum, they are the largest integrated aluminium producer in South East Asia.

Press Metal’s subsidiary in China’s Foshan, Press Metal International Limited, is one of the largest exporters of aluminium products in China, with a production capacity of 120,000 tonnes per annum. Together with our Malaysian extrusion capacity of 40,000 tonnes per annum, this establishes Press Metal as one of the biggest aluminium extrusion companies in the region.

Press Metal’s plant is well-equipped with modern facilities that provide an extensive range of surface finishes – anodized, powder coated, and bright dip.

Bonnell Aluminum

For more than 60 years, Bonnell Aluminum has built a reputation as one of North America's leading manufacturers of custom aluminum extrusions with the  most comprehensive range of capabilities in aluminum extrusions, fabrication and finishing services in the industry. Bonnell Aluminum is a subsidiary of Tredegar Corporation, a global company specializing in the manufacturing of plastic films and aluminum extrusions. Tredegar Corporation operates manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Bonnell Aluminum has Extrusion presses ranging from 1,650-ton to 5,500-ton, up to 16" in circle size. With four strategically located manufacturing facilities, Bonnell Aluminum and its subsidiary AACOA, serve some of the leading manufacturing companies in the Building and Construction, Automotive and Specialty Markets.

According to company reports, Bonnell Aluminum’s Sales volume for the year 2017 stood at about 177,600,000 pounds (80,558 tonnes) and net sales revenue stood at US$ 467 million. Sales volume for the first quarter ended in March stood at 44,271,000 pounds (20,081 tonnes) and net sales revenue stood at US$ 128 million.

Other prominent vendors in the extrusion market include Gulf Extrusions Co. (LLC), ConstelliumTALCO, Zahit, Balexco, Qatar Aluminium Extrusion Company and Aluminium Products Company (ALUPCO)

Established in 1975, Aluminium Products Company (ALUPCO) is the largest extrusion company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region). ALUPCO Headquarters and it’s first ever extrusion plant is located in Dammam. There are a total of 9 presses now that are located in between Dammam and Jeddah with a total capacity exceeding 85,000 MT per year with plans to expand to over 100,000 MT per year.

Gulf Extrusions Co. (LLC) is the flagship company of dynamic multi-industry conglomerate - Member of Metals Industries- Al Ghurair Group. Located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, Gulf Extrusions or GULFEX is one of the largest Aluminium extrusion plants in the Middle East. Gulf Extrusions six presses and highly skilled workforce are able to produce 65,000 metric tonnes per annum with a rated capacity of 24,000 tonnes for powder coated finish, 6,000 tonnes for anodized finish and can offer more than 10,000 profile designs.

Constellium is a leading manufacturer of advanced and highly specialized aluminium extrusions products, solutions and services.  The company offers a complete range of customized aluminium extrusions, tubes and bars in soft and hard alloys, and large structural extrusions, complemented by ready-to-use profile-based solutions for selected applications.  Constellium not only supplies the products but also support their customers with downstream technology and service activities, including machining and surface treatment, R&D and technical support.


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