Transforming industrial materials: Niceworkshop's Al-Form collection redefines aluminium usage

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Established by the visionary Hyunseog Oh, the Seoul-based studio Niceworkshop has mesmerised the world with its innovative exploration into the realm of aluminium formwork. Let's delve into the transformative journey that unfolds at Capsule Plaza during Milan Design Week 2024.

Transforming industrial materials: Niceworkshop's Al-Form collection redefines aluminium usage


Hyunseog Oh's journey is one of symbiosis between artistry and industry. Inspired by his early encounters on construction sites, Oh's passion for industrial materials was ignited. With a background in interior architecture from Soongsil University, his fusion of form and function finds resonance in every creation.

From Bolt to brilliance – Rimowa comes into the picture 

Niceworkshop's debut 'Bolt' collection, a homage to the unsung heroism of screws, garnered global acclaim. The Bolt collection's success garnered the attention of luxury brand Rimowa, leading to a collaboration on the 'As Seen By' show in 2022. This partnership birthed the innovative 'Jigae' system, a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Korean backpack crafted from Rimowa suitcase components. Oh describes it as a significant milestone, with the exhibition touring Paris, Berlin, and Seoul, opening doors to exciting new projects thereafter.

Fast forward to 2024, Niceworkshop embarks on a new odyssey with 'Al-Form'. Partnering with Format, a pioneer in repurposing construction waste, the studio breathes new life into aluminium formwork. This ephemeral material, once relegated to disposal after serving its purpose, now finds redemption in domestic utility.

Oh exclaimed: "Aluminium formwork is used to create cast-in-place concrete structures for architectural framing. They make a wall or column using the form, pour the concrete into it and remove it once it is set."

Innovative design, sustainable impact - Reshaping perspectives

Embracing the beauty of imperfection, Al-Form celebrates the journey of aluminium formwork. Each piece bears the marks of its past life, a testament to resilience and adaptation. From weathered patinas to echoes of timber, the collection is a symphony of textures, inviting touch and admiration.

As the curtains rise at Capsule Plaza, Niceworkshop invites the world to witness the metamorphosis of aluminium. Through Al-Form, Hyunseog Oh and his team illuminate the path towards sustainable design, where innovation and responsibility converge. Let us embark on this transformative journey, where industrial materials transcend their limitations to inspire generations to come. To learn more about such initiatives in the international aluminium domain, have a glance at AL Circle's free report, Sustainability in the Global Aluminium Sector.

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September 25-27, 2024 | BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, Goa, INDIA

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