Somerset Council launches aluminium packaging recycling initiative for Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge residents

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Residents of Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge are in for some changes to their rubbish and recycling collection schedule this Easter holiday season. The items that will be included in this recycling initiative are aluminium foils, cardboard boxes and plastic moulds.

Somerset Council launches aluminium packaging recycling initiative for Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge residents


The recycled aluminium market is booming, driven by environmental concerns, rising demand, and technological progress. Its inherent sustainability—requiring only 5 per cent of the energy to produce compared to virgin aluminium—makes it a clear winner in the fight against climate change.  

Change in date for by Somerset Council

Somerset Council has adjusted the usual collection days to accommodate the holidays. Collections initially planned for Good Friday (March 29th) will now occur on Saturday (March 30th). There will be no collections on Easter Monday (April 1st), and collections for the entire Easter week will be one day later.

This means that Friday collections will occur on Saturday, April 6th. To assist the collection crews in expediting their work, residents are advised to have their boxes, bags, and bins ready by 7 am on the morning of collection or the night before.

Given the shift to a day later for waste collections, a higher volume of waste is expected. Residents can help by squashing, crushing, and flattening their waste items. Doing so reduces the number of trips the collection teams need to make to empty their trucks and creates more space in residents' containers.

In the spirit of the upcoming Easter season, Somerset Council urges residents to be environmentally conscious by being 'good eggs' and recycling as much as possible. They highlight that the weekly kerbside collections can recycle nearly all Easter egg packaging.

Why aluminium

Recycling aluminium is vital for preserving our planet's finite resources and reducing environmental impact. Aluminium is endlessly recyclable without losing its quality and requires significantly less energy to recycle than to produce from raw materials. Recycling aluminium isn't just about salvaging a single can; it's a majestic tango with the environment. Each recycled aluminium treasure saves a piece of our planet, sparing vast energy once needed for virgin extraction.

To gain more in-depth knowledge about how the recycled aluminium industry will perform in 2024, read AL Circle's new industry-focus report, "Global ALuminium Industry Outlook 2024."

Many aluminium producers now offer green aluminium products, which contain more recycled aluminium content and are produced using clean energy. Many recycling companies are increasing their capacities and adopting the best available technologies. New recycling methods are being developed across various countries to improve recovery and reduce power consumption.

Items that cannot be recycled

Some everyday items that cannot yet be recycled at regular curbside or recycling sites include wrappers from chocolate bars and sweets, plastic bags, plastic foil pouches, and thin, soft plastic films such as those with plastic 'windows' in boxes.

However, many plastics can still find a second life through specialized recycling programs. Several supermarkets accept these items for recycling, and TerraCycle recycling schemes are available for some types of plastic. 

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