smartwater comes in a new format: Launches sleek 12-oz. aluminium cans for hydration-on-the-go

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smartwater fans can now enjoy their favourite crisp, vapour-distilled hydration in a new format. The pioneering brand, known for its innovative offerings since its debut nearly three decades ago, introduced 12-oz. aluminium cans with a fresh, sophisticated look. These cans provide a functional and elevated consumption experience for all occasions.

smartwater comes in a new format: Launches sleek 12-oz. aluminium cans for hydration-on-the-go


Starting April, smartwater original and smartwater alkaline with antioxidants will be available on shelves across the United States in single 12-oz. cans. This marks the first time vapour-distilled water is offered in this format. Additionally, 8-packs will be available alongside the brand's existing portfolio of bottled options.

"As the leading premium water brand, we have a responsibility to constantly iterate, improve and meet consumers where they are. Today, that means ensuring we're in a package that fits shifting trends as we head into the spring and summer seasons of socializing," stated Sadie Ellison, senior brand manager, smartwater.

Why aluminium cans

Aluminium cans are gaining popularity in the water category as environmentally-conscious consumers seek out convenient, eco-friendly packaging options. Globally, beer and soda consume around 180 billion aluminium cans per annum. In 2020, global aluminium beverage can production reached around 360 billion units. To learn more about the aluminium cans industry, get your hands on AL Circle's new industry-focus report, "Global ALuminium Industry Outlook 2024."

The new smartwater aluminium cans reflect a modern aesthetic look with sleek designs. The original smartwater can present a silver drop on a royal blue background, while the alkaline with antioxidant can feature a silver drop against a black base. Inspired by smartwater's stylishly simple yet impactful branding, these new cans beautifully showcase the brand's signature colour palette in an elegant and sophisticated design.

"Our team worked tirelessly to ensure the cans would stand out on shelf while fitting seamlessly into our iconic smartwater trademark visual identity system. We looked at a few different versions to get the cans just right before ultimately landing on a fully dipped look, swapping the color drop for an inverse revealing the cans' metallic finish," added Ellison.

Campaign in May

An imaginative campaign to launch in early May will feature minimalist, close-up images highlighting the new packaging and key visuals. The campaign will span out-of-home, radio, and social/digital media and be accompanied by sharp copy such as "taste & style," "Oh that's smart," and "still smart, just canned." In-store signage will encourage shoppers to "crack, sip, refresh."

The introduction of the aluminium cans follows the successful March 2023 release of smartwater alkaline with antioxidants. This innovative product boasts a 9.5 pH level, a distinctive electrolyte blend, and selenium—an antioxidant that aids post-workout muscle recovery, catering to active, high-performance lifestyles.

The "Elevate How You Hydrate" marketing campaign, featuring actor and comedian Pete Davidson, Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint, track star Bianca Williams, and BMX biker Nigel Sylvester, played a pivotal role in amplifying the launch and enhancing smartwater's presence in the rapidly expanding alkaline water market.

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