Sell & Parker introduces Return and Earn depot in Hawkesbury for aluminium or plastic containers

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Sell & Parker gleefully declared the introduction of a new Return and Earn depot for the dwellers of the Hawkesbury region. Scheduled to be inaugurated on Thursday, December 1, the depot will accept aluminium cans and glass bottles while paying the depositor a certain amount.

Sell & Parker introduces Return and Earn depot in Hawkesbury for aluminium or plastic containers , Alcircle News


The CEO of Sell & Parker, Luke Parker, assured the zonal residents that the automated depot would suffice the need for recycling drives that are easily accessible. This move will be skilfully orchestrated during the peak summer so that the collection is considerably hefty.

"As everyone would be aware, there is no automated depot for drink container recycling in the Hawkesbury area at the moment," Mr Parker explained.

"We've been keen to introduce the service to the area for some time, and in September, we were awarded the licence," he continued.

"Since then, we've been working around the clock to have our depot ready to open on December 1," Mr Parker seemed incredibly proud of the recycling drive.

This highly appreciated Return and Earn scheme allows the customer 10 cents per beverage container. But not all types of containers are allowed to be shuffled by the programme. The depots only accept aluminium or glass bottles, while refunds are made via cash payments and electronic fund transfers.

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and can retain its original properties even after going through the process of retribution. This gives rise to a circular economy, where the metal once produced roams about in the value chain and can be retrieved once the end-user product becomes scrap.

"We are set up to handle large volumes, but we'll gladly accept any volume - large or small," Mr Parker commented.

"There's no need to sort glass from the plastic or cans. And importantly, you'll be served by our staff, most of whom are locals. We are a well-established recycler who understands what makes for a great recycling experience. We make it simple, fun, fast and rewarding," he confirmed.

With its inception in 1996, Sell & Parker Metal Recycling Services is an Australia-based, privately operated enterprise with proper expertise in overseeing all matters encircling scrap collection and recycling. They provide service to a wide array of manufacturers and can be anointed as one of the three acclaimed suppliers of Bluescope Steel.

"We have been operating just down the road at Kings Park since 1995 and have been amazed by the local community's willingness to embrace recycling," Mr Parker exclaimed.

"People want to do the right thing for the environment, but they need the facilities to be able to do so. The Hawkesbury Return and Earn depot is going to be a wonderful asset for the community's recyclers," he alluded.

Future of the Global Aluminium Castings Industry

The organisation has been involved with recycling drives since 2018, with depots located at Blacktown, Newcastle, Prestons and Coffs Harbour.

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