Oslo welcomes its newest flagship: Trosten floating sauna featuring Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium

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On May 15, 2024, Oslo's burgeoning fleet of floating saunas welcomed its newest flagship, Trosten, featuring a universal design aimed at inclusivity and an innovative façade crafted from Hydro CIRCAL. Crafted using Hydro CIRCAL, a revolutionary material comprising a minimum of 75 per cent recycled post-consumer aluminium scrap, Trosten sets a new standard in sustainability by drastically reducing its carbon footprint.

Oslo welcomes its newest flagship: Trosten floating sauna featuring Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium


Spearheaded by the Oslo Sauna Association, this unveiling marks a significant step towards fulfilling the association's mission to make Norway's capital an urban hotspot by democratising access to saunas since 2016. This vision has been realised through a creative collaboration with the renowned Spanish architectural firm eStudio Herreros and Hydro, a prominent player in aluminium and renewable energy. Trosten represents a pinnacle of sustainable design and material use and serves as a beacon for promoting social inclusion within Oslo's vibrant community.

"In Hydro, we strongly believe we need to collaborate to achieve a more sustainable future. That's why we jumped onboard this project, where using greener materials was a core principle from the start. We hope Trosten's popularity and active use will inspire others to contribute to the circular economy by embracing sustainable materials in their projects," said Hanne Simensen, Executive Vice President of Hydro Aluminium Metal.

About Trosten

Trosten, Oslo's first universally designed floating sauna, is a marvel of innovation. It can comfortably accommodate 24 people and 2 wheelchairs, and its external amphitheatre can seat 50. Designed by the renowned estudio Herreros, the architects behind the Munch Museum, Trosten features an innovative cladding made from recycled aluminium provided by Hydro. Its interior is finished with terrazzo, and the entire sauna is constructed using recycled and environmentally friendly materials, making it a unique and sustainable addition to Oslo's architectural landscape.

Trosten emerges as a pioneering marvel. It is the world's first floating sauna enveloped in aluminium, a material uniquely suited for enduring the relentless Nordic climate year-round. With exceptional corrosion resistance, Trosten promises enduring resilience in the face of harsh seawater elements. 

Features of Trosten

At the heart of Trosten lies its defining feature: a universal design meticulously engineered to embrace individuals of all abilities. Access ramps and expansive interiors beckon inclusivity, making Trosten a long-awaited addition to the beloved Sukkerbiten sauna village. Nestled adjacent to the iconic Munch Museum in Bjørvika, Oslo, Trosten stands poised to redefine communal wellness experiences with its unwavering commitment to accessibility and sustainability.

The close collaboration between eStudio Herreros and Hydro has leveraged their combined expertise to develop optimal technical and architectural solutions aligned with the project's core philosophy. A prime example of this collaboration is the sauna's façade, which features profiles made from anodised aluminium. Initially used in a lorry drop-side system, these profiles demonstrate a successful industry partnership to repurpose materials innovatively. 

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