Novelis’ North American operations earn ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification for sustainable sourcing practices

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Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) has successfully certified Novelis Inc. for its North American operations against the Chain of Custody Standard V1 (2017) Certification. 

Novelis’ North America operations earn ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification for sustainable sourcing practices


The certification has been passed on, acknowledging Novelis’ regional management functions at its corporation headquarters in Georgia, USA, and production facilities across the United States and Canada, including plants in Kingston, Ontario, Canada; Berea, Kentucky; Greensboro, Georgia; Guthrie, Kentucky; Oswego, New York; Warren, Ohio; and its joint venture site Logan Aluminum Inc. in Russellville, Kentucky.

This certification adds another feather to Novelis’ hat for its incredible sustainable sourcing practices for its facilities and other activities, such as remelting, recycling, casting, hot mill rolling, cold mill rolling, coil finishing, annealing, beverage can coating and production, and various pre-treatment and finishing processes.   

Earlier, ASI certified Novelis’ Yeongju plant in Korea with ASI Performance Standard certification, Sierra plant in Switzerland and Nachterstedt sites in Germany with Performance Standard V3 certification, and also Novelis Aluminium (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. in China with the same.

Among them, Novelis’ Yeongju plant in Korea has recently achieved recertification to ASI Performance Standard V3 certification for the manufacture of aluminium and aluminium coil and sheet, including the processes of recycling and remelting.

The brand-new certification for North American operations followed an independent, third-party audit by DNV Business Assurance Services UK Ltd. The audit occurred before May 1, 2023, enabling a Chain of Custody Standard V1 certification.

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