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Novelis introduces roll-forming development line to accelerate aluminium automotive parts innovation

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Driven by its purpose of shaping a sustainable world together, Novelis Inc., on May 22nd, announced the start-up of its new roll-forming development line. The latest development line will support Novelis in meeting industry demand for a process that can produce large volumes of high-strength aluminium automotive components.

Novelis introduces roll-forming development line to accelerate aluminium automotive parts innovation

The new cutting-edge roll-forming development line, which is situated in the business' Automotive Customer Solution Centre in Novi, Michigan, a suburb of Metro Detroit, will give Novelis the distinct benefit of conducting full-scope, year-round research and development on roll-forming in-house. The ability to access the line at all times will speed up the development of complicated, high-strength aluminium roll forming and enable more rapid process robustness testing, fostering unrivalled innovation.

As the automotive industry moves toward electrification, it demands faster production of lighter, greener parts. With the roll-forming process, aluminium strips are incrementally formed continuously to form a desired shape with various degrees of detail and strength. Offering a scalable and customizable process, aluminium roll forming provides significant opportunities for the production of high-strength aluminium at scale. While roll forming is not new to the industry, its ability to produce complex high-strength aluminium parts has yet to be fully developed. It will require innovation and investment to maximize its potential.

Novelis introduces roll-forming development line to accelerate aluminium automotive parts innovation

Novelis achieved a significant step forward in the roll-forming technology development by introducing its roll-forming development line. As the industry prioritises electrification and sustainability as well as other advantages of aluminium, such as better safety, less risk of corrosion, and improved performance, the move to the mass manufacture of aluminium-intensive cars is a logical next step.

Jamie Zinser, the Vice President of Global Automotive at Novelis Inc., said, "The auto industry understands the benefits of aluminium and is looking to Novelis to develop technology that supports their growth initiatives."

 "One of these technologies is roll forming. We are introducing this development line to accelerate research and development, not to become a roll-forming company. We aim to work with our automotive and Tier I partners to innovate and develop aluminium sheet technology to support the electrification movement."

Novelis is the first flat-rolled aluminium company to invest in its roll-forming development line, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and developing new technologies that will swiftly bring high-strength aluminium's weight, sustainability and cost benefits to the automotive market on a mass scale.

Future of Aluminium in Transportation Sector

Xavier Varone, the Global Technology Director of Automotive at Novelis Inc., said, "This investment demonstrates Novelis' commitment to delivering innovation that ensures aluminium meets the growing demands of the auto industry."

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