MRAI 2024’s closing call: Final Day - Cross-border policies and standards in India's aluminium landscape

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Day three of the 11th International Material Recycling Conference unfolded with a symphony of voices echoing the challenges and triumphs of the aluminium industry.

MRAI 2024’s closing call: Final Day - Cross-border policies and standards in India's aluminium landscape


Dhawal Shah, Sr Vice President of MRAI and Partner at Metco Ventures LLP, took centre stage, vividly painting India's rapidly growing non-ferrous industry.

Dhawal Shah, Partner at Metco Ventures LLP, in his own words 

Shah delved into the heart of the matter, highlighting the stark contrast in per capita aluminium consumption. India lags behind the global average, a mere 2.5 kilos compared to the world's 11 kilos. The narrative extends to copper and zinc, unveiling a gap in consumption that mirrors the expanding need for these non-ferrous metals.

Challenges arise, both internal and external. Shah pinpointed the import-centric nature of raw materials, envisioning a self-sufficient India a decade and a half from now. He passionately underscored the neglect of daily recyclable objects, labelling it a 'national loss'.

ARNAUD Brunet's perspective, Director General of BIR

The narrative unfolded further with a global perspective as ARNAUD Brunet, Director General of BIR, stepped into the spotlight. He narrated the European journey initiated by the Paris Treaty, advocating for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. The ambitious Fit for 55 plan sets the stage for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

CBAM, slated for implementation in three phases, unfolds its intricacies. Brunet assured that recyclable scrap remains untouched, offering relief to those navigating the maze of regulations. He extended an invitation to join the endeavour, emphasising the complexity of ambitious climate policies.

Brain HeneseyISRI Chair, seemed quite optimistic about scrap exports from India 

Brain Henesey, ISRI Chair, bridged the narratives between India and the global stage. He drew parallels between ISRI and MRAI, highlighting India's rise as the second-largest US trading partner for recycled materialsA. Henesey called for a global shift toward electrification, reducing dependence on China for critical minerals.

Henesey's vision aligns with collaboration, urging a united effort to electrify amenities globally. The emphasis on recycling resonates, aiming for a future where reliance on recycled materials supersedes traditional supply chains.

Vishal Kumar Rana, Assistant Director, Scientist at BIS, further went on to explain

The spotlight then turned to Vishal Kumar Rana, Assistant Director and Scientist at BIS. Rana underscores the critical role of recycling, especially in meeting the demand for copper. He unravelled the journey of BIS, stating, "We make standards." Rana dismissed rumours about adverse effects, assuring that standardisation is the goal, not upheaval.

Farida M. Naik, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Mines, added her voice to the chorus, emphasising the significance of the circular economy. Her words resound - "Circular economy is there to stay." She punctuated the importance of a dedicated recycling industry that propels the nation's future economy.

In the dialogue-based narrative, questions arise about the standardisation of scrap. VK Rana, in response, underscored the exhaustive work undertaken by BIS, ensuring that standardisation will be the norm, not an exception.

The symphony of voices converges to a call for unity in navigating the cross-border regulations and standardisation challenges. At the heart of this narrative lies the aluminium industry, a beacon of growth, sustainability, and global collaboration. If the world of aluminium is where your forte lies, go ahead and book AL Circle's special report, Global Aluminium Industry Key Trends to 2030. 

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September 25-27, 2024 | BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus, Goa, INDIA

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