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MENA region leading investment fund envisions India’s resources will propel GDP growth

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A leading investment fund in the MENA region focused on unlocking a positive future for the region, and beyond, the Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) asserts that India's untapped resources will need to be explored to navigate the nation's demand for new infrastructure and facilitate the housing bubble.

MENA region leading investment fund envisions India’s resources will propel GDP growth

The international asset management company headquartered in Dubai says India enjoys a notable cost advantage in producing aluminium and steel.

However, due to its beneficial position, it has the advantage of export probability to rapidly growing markets in Asia. As of 2022,

The total number of mines in India that filed reports is expected to attain 1,425, with 720 mines filing reports for non-metallic minerals and 525 mines for metallic. The mining industry's proliferation is essential for a country's comprehensive industrial development, as minerals are valuable natural resources used as critical raw materials for the entire manufacturing sector.

As per the insights of DIF, India is a nation blessed with large deposits of numerous metallic and non-metallic minerals that serve as a premise for increasing and advancing the country's mining industry.

As per DIF analysts, India is substantially competent in meeting its demands concerning metallic minerals such as bauxite, chromites, iron ore, and lignite, as well as in terms of mineral fuels such as coal and lignite.

The DIF believes India's mining and metals industry has the potential to propel GDP growth, boost the forex reserve, and give end-use industries such as building, infrastructure, automotive, and electricity, amongst others, a cut-throat edge by securing critical raw materials at rational rates.

Future of the Global Aluminium Castings Industry

The middle-eastern fund believes that there is a significant potential for developing new mining capacities in bauxite, iron ore, and coal, as well as many prospects for exploring sub-surface deposits.

It is in the interest of aluminium, steel, and zinc producers to take advantage of attractive business prospects provided by the construction of infrastructure projects.

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