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LME aluminium price moves up by 0.08% to US$2,236/t; SHFE price gains US$22/t

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LME aluminium opened at US$2,209 per tonne on Thursday, with its low and high at US$2,193 per tonne and US$2,239 per tonne, respectively, before closing at US$2,214 per tonne, up US$8 per tonne or 0.36 per cent.

LME aluminium price moves up by 0.08% to US$2,236/t; SHFE price gains US$22/t

On Thursday, May 25, both LME aluminium cash bid price and LME aluminium official settlement price moved up by US$12 per tonne or 0.53 per cent and US$2 per tonne or 0.08 per cent to reside at US$2,235 per tonne and US$2,236 per tonne.

3-month bid price and 3-month offer price closed at US$2,225.50 per tonne and US$2,226 per tonne after recording a dip by US$2.5 per tonne and US$3 per tonne.

December 24 bid price and December 24 offer price went down by US$3 per tonne or 0.12 per cent and US$8 per tonne or 0.33 per cent to reside at US$2,390 per tonne and US$2,395 per tonne.

LME aluminium opening stock settled at 575475 tonnes. Live warrants and Cancelled warrants came in at 398200 tonnes and 177275 tonnes.

LME aluminium 3-month Asian Reference Price grew by US$9.25 per cent or 0.42 per cent to stand at US$2,206.16 per tonne.

SHFE aluminium price

On Friday, May 26, the SHFE aluminium price gained US$22 per tonne or 0.86 per cent, standing at US$2,552 per tonne.

SHFE 2307 aluminium dipped RMB 70 per tonne or 0.40 per cent to RMB 17,650 per tonne. The open interest added 10,567 lots to 268,425 lots.

Aluminium Revolutionizing the Construction Sector

The most-traded SHFE 2307 aluminium contract opened at RMB 17,750 per tonne overnight, with its low and high at RMB 17,575 per tonne and RMB 17,920 per tonne before closing at RMB 17,765 per tonne, up RMB 115 per tonne or 0.65 per cent.

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