Inner Mongolia witnessed the production of 4.792 million tonnes of non-ferrous metals

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During the Inner Mongolia non-ferrous metal energy saving and carbon reduction technology exchange meeting on September 16, Zhang Guangsheng, the deputy director of the Industry and Information Department of the autonomous region, shared that the region's non-ferrous metal output had increased by 4.7 per cent year on year in the first seven months of this year, reaching 4.792 million tonnes and securing a second-place ranking in the country.

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On May 4 of the same year, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of the Autonomous Region released the “Implementation Plan for Peaking Carbon in the Industrial Sector of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.”

This plan outlined the ambitious goal of achieving significant progress in the adjustment of industrial structure and energy use by 2030. The plan aimed to enhance the energy and resource utilisation efficiency of key energy-use industries to match domestic advanced standards and improve the industrial sector's green, low-carbon, and circular development system. The ultimate objective was to meet the carbon peak target in the industrial sector as scheduled.

Inner Mongolia, determined to achieve this goal, initiated a multifaceted approach to promote the high-quality development of its non-ferrous metal industry. The region selected five major chain enterprises, including aluminium, which collectively issued the "Several Measures on Giving Play to the Leading Role of 'Main Chain' Enterprises to Promote the Construction of the Industrial Chain of Industrial Clusters (Trial)."

Additionally, the Inner Mongolia Nonferrous Metals Industry Promotion Association was established. The regional government and relevant departments organised specialised teams to conduct research on the construction of the non-ferrous metal industry chain in various cities, including Baotou, Tongliao, Ordos, and others. They also engaged in one-on-one discussions with key chain enterprises like Baotou and Yuncopper.

Furthermore, six special promotion meetings on industrial chain construction were convened, addressing 21 issues in the construction of industrial projects across nine union cities, including Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, and Ulanqab. At the non-ferrous metal production and demand docking meeting held in Tongliao, 43 enterprises signed industrial chain supply and demand agreements.

In addition, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of the Autonomous Region published the Catalogue of the Promotion of Key Green and Low-carbon Technologies in the Industrial Field of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which promoted 113 water-saving technologies and equipment within the non-ferrous metal industry.

In a pivotal moment for the green, low-carbon transformation and development of Inner Mongolia's non-ferrous metals industry, from September 16 to 17, the Industry and Information Technology Department of the Autonomous Region, in collaboration with the Inner Mongolia Non-ferrous Metals Industry Promotion Association, jointly hosted the Inner Mongolia Non-ferrous Metals Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Technology Exchange Meeting.

This event brought together domestic non-ferrous metals industry academicians, experts, scientific research institutes, and energy-saving technology and equipment manufacturers. They delivered keynote speeches and introduced products, offering crucial insights and directions for the high-quality development of the autonomous region's non-ferrous metal industry. The meeting aimed to further advance the green and low-carbon development of the non-ferrous metal sector.

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