End-user aluminium recap: Hindalco invites Italian extrusion specialist Metra SpA to develop lightweight aluminium rail coaches in India

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The end-user aluminium sector marked exponential advancements this week. Hindalco Industries and Metra SpA formed a technological alliance, with the latter providing structured and value-added aluminium extrusions for the creation of lightweight aluminium rail coaches in India. The agreement was signed on September 11. Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) announced that their flagship G+AI Battery technology is now available in prototype pouch cell versions with over 500mAh capacity and a minimal voltage of 2 volts. The company has collaborated with the University of Queensland to seamlessly and safely switch from coin cells to pouch cell modules. Responsible Whatr, an Indian eco-conscious startup, supplied premium quality natural spring water in 70% recycled aluminium cans to keep international and national delegates hydrated at India's first-ever G20 summit in Delhi. Scott C. Morrison, the current CFO of Ball Corporation, will retire after over 20 years with the company. Howard Yu will take over as the new CFO on September 25, with Morrison remaining as a senior adviser to ensure a smooth transition.

End-user aluminium recap: Hindalco invites Italian extrusion specialist Metra SpA to develop lightweight aluminium rail coaches in India


Hindalco Industries, one of the world's leading aluminium rolling and recycling companies, has embarked on a technological alliance with Italy's Metra SpA. On September 11, the agreement was signed between the two, and the latter, a producer of structured and value-added aluminium extrusions, will be vital for the creation of lightweight aluminium rail coaches in India.

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In conjunction with Kosei Aluminium, a Japanese worldwide leader in aluminium alloy wheel design and manufacture, Uno Minda has introduced its new premium collection of alloy wheels in the Indian aftermarket. The Tier-1 supplier of patented automotive solutions and systems to OEMs intends to expand its reach in the OE sector and the aftermarket. It has been introduced as a part of the Uno Minda Wheelz brand and will be available from all major online and offline retailers.

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Guinness World Records are difficult to achieve and maintain. Mythen, students from ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Switzerland, shattered the previous record for electric vehicle (EV) acceleration with their hand-built electric racing car. The racer's aluminium honeycomb development allowed it to remain lightweight while retaining speed and winning the championship.

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Mitsubishi Chemical is showcasing its most recent technological advancement, namely an all-composite enclosure for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, at booth 711 at The Battery Show North America in Novi, MI. The event, organised by Informa Markets - Engineering, the parent company of PlasticsToday, is scheduled to finish today, September 14th.

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Juan Campanini and Josefina Sposito, an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have designed and constructed a six-residence building called the Virrey Aviles Street housing, which was completed in 2022. The aluminium façade building was developed using a legal tool called "Fideicomiso," where residents collectively invest in small-scale building developments for homeownership in the often-unattainable housing market.

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Ladun Investment Company is a Saudi Arabia-based firm that leases out lands for properties and invests in real estate projects. It announced that the Built Aluminium Factory, a subsidiary of the Built Industrial Company, has agreed upon two $27.19 million deals with Red Sea Global for the instalment of aluminium façades at the Four Seasons Triple Bay in Amaala giga-project.

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Ankur Chawla's sustainable vision came into the foreground of India's first-ever G20 summit in Delhi as Responsible Whatr, an Indian eco-conscious startup, helped keep the international and national delegates hydrated with its premium quality natural spring water packed in aluminium cans made with 70% recycled aluminium.

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Franco Bove has been re-elected as the chairman of Aluminium Closures Group (ACG) at its recent summer conference, which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. The attendees elected Patrick Broom from Constellium during the meeting as the newly appointed vice-chair. Another company, Ramondin, based in Spain, was also granted membership.

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To expand its market presence and product variety, Cappac, a Dutch producer, has focused on a proven strategy that has significantly expanded its Nespresso-compatible aluminium capsules. Cappac is a newbie to the market by definition, having begun in 2020, but it has quickly established itself as a private label and co-packing expert of aluminium capsules.

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Ball Corporation, the world's leading producer of circular aluminium packaging for global beverage and household brands, announced that Scott C. Morrison, the executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Colorado headquartered company, will seek retirement after more than two decades with the firm. Howard Yu, 51, will follow Morrison as executive vice president and CFO on September 25.

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The Hermitage-based CCL Container's director of operations, Dharma Maddala, claimed that even a flick of a finger can cause a dent in a regular aluminium soda can, while his company's bottles are considered the strongest in the world.

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Casablanca Industries is on the journey to construct an aluminium Monobloc aerosol facility at the Adali Industrial Area in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Operational since 2012, Casablanca was founded with the aim of catering to the aerosol packaging needs of the Indian market.

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Gujarat-based Bhalco Industries has been onboarded by AL CircleBiz, the world's first B2B platform for aluminium traders. Bhalco Industries has a great market presence thanks to its diverse choice of high-quality products, low rates, and on-time delivery schedules. The establishment of Bhalco Industries took place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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The aluminium beverage can have significantly increased in popularity over the last decade, emerging as a prominent characteristic within the beverage industry. While supporters of aluminium point to attributes like sustainability and portability as driving reasons, the can has paired itself well with some of the most active growth areas in drinks.

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One Planet Brewing, a Surrey-based brewery, recently launched its first beer made entirely from solar electricity produced on-site. The majority of the beer will be distributed in totally reusable kegs, mini-kegs, or glass flagons, but a portion will be packaged in 440ml aluminium cans, known as the 'one trip' pack, which has the most negligible environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions.

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After a recent development, Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) declared that their flagship G+AI Battery technology is ready in prototype pouch cell versions with more than 500 mAh capacity. The company's primary Graphene Aluminium-Ion (G+AI) Battery prototype pouch cells are now going to feature a minimal voltage of 2 volts.

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A healthy meal which can be prepared in a flash is what COSORI thought for its popularity. The premier kitchen appliance brand under the umbrella of Vesync Co. has announced its 5.7L ceramic-coated aluminium inner pot pressure cooker in the UK, making life easier by incorporating a range of cooking methods.

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