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Dencrus launches a toothbrush made from bamboo and recycled aluminium, aiming at sustainable livelihood

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To infuse sustainability in our daily lives, Dencrus, proprietary brand of Amwoodo Eco-Products Pvt., has launched a new collection of oral care, which is biodegradable and endlessly recyclable at the same time. After working on producing sustainable products for the past three years, Dencrus has unveiled bamboo toothbrushes upcycled from aluminium beverage cans. The combination of bamboo heads used in the toothbrush and aluminium handle makes the product endlessly recyclable and one-of-a kind.

Dencrus launches a toothbrush made from bamboo and recycled aluminium

The bristles of the brush are plant-based made from Castor bean oil, while the bamboo head is from Blumeana Bamboo, which makes the toothbrush 100 per cent biodegradable. Blumeana is one of the fastest-growing plants, a meter per day, producing 35 per cent more oxygen than ordinary trees.

Talking about the benefits of sustainable products over plastic, the Co-founder Sourav Dey stated: "I believe that many people might be aware of the increasing need for more environmentally friendly products all across the world. However, not everyone is aware of how to make eco-friendly products and why an ecologically conscious manufacturing process is required. Plastic is something that is found anywhere and everywhere from our homes, offices, and pretty much everywhere else. In fact, researchers estimate that we've produced more plastic in the last ten years than we did in the previous century. We also discard 50 per cent of the plastic we do use after only one usage. This means that millions of straws, plastic bags, and utensils wind up in landfills and oceans every day, harming species and damaging the environment. One of the most effective methods to combat this issue is to replace and change out some of the plastic things we already buy."

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The company is supposed to launch many other oral care products such as toothpaste in jars, toothpaste tablets, teeth whitening kits, and many more. Through its products, Dencrus is addressing the world’s most pressing issues that have evolved from daily inconvenience into major movements across the globe.

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