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Chinalco Guinea marks a new record in 2023 bauxite production with technical advancement and strategic planning

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In 2023, Chinalco Guinea's bauxite production and return volume reached a new high, leveraging the strategic deployment of overseas resources of Chinalco Group and Chinalco shares. As per the report, the company achieved 104.8 per cent of the annual target task, marking a new chapter in the development of the Bofa project in West Africa.

Chinalco Guinea marks a new record in 2023 bauxite production with technological advancement and strategic planning


This achievement was possible as Chinalco Guinea seized all favourable production opportunities. Chinalco Guinea also improved its supply capacity through various measures such as precise management, residual ore recovery, and strengthened technological transformation.

The company deployed a team of personnel at the production line, scientifically designed more than 1400 mining machine operation belts, and efficiently improved work efficiency to ramp up its annual output by 400,000 tonnes in 2023.

To ensure the full utilisation of resources, the "Recycling of Residual Mines, Increasing Production and Ensuring Supply" campaign was carried out, with a cumulative recovery of over 200,000 tonnes of primary ore throughout the year.

For smooth operation in the face of the complex business environment in Guinea, Chinalco Guinea divided its production system into three operating units in the mining, transportation, and port areas. It also brought into operation different production organisation methods for each location to improve production capacity and emergency response capacity.

Last year, Chinalco Guinea also carried out a series of technical modifications to the bucket turbine, which effectively increased the mining time by two hours per day. It is expected to generate annual benefits of RMB 5 million. At the same time, the company designed video surveillance systems by themselves, saving RMB 3.8 million in outsourcing costs.

Adhering to the conditions under "building a project to promote the development of one side", Chinalco Guinea helped the communities around the Bofa project establish three agricultural bases, provided them with agricultural equipment, and built a sales network.

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