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ASI enlists Ye Chiu Metal Smelting as its new Production and Transformation member

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Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) has enlisted Ye Chiu Metal Smelting (Ye Chiu Group) as its new Production and Transformation member. Ye Chiu, a contemporary group company with a presence in Asia and America, is constantly dedicated to achieving its goal of industry globalisation. Apart from producing aluminium ingots, it is also known for aluminium recycling.

ASI enlists Ye Chiu Metal Smelting as its new Production and Transformation member

The foundation of Ye Chiu Metal Recycling (China) Ltd. (Formerly Ye Chiu Metal Taicang Co., Ltd.) in 2001 permitted the quick entry of Ye Chiu goods into the Chinese market. It also helps Ye Chiu maintain his leadership position in the Chinese sector.

Since its inception in Malaysia in 1984, Ye Chiu Metal Smelting Berhad has insisted on the company philosophy of Commitment to Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability with a worldwide view. Ye Chiu Group has created a strong collaboration with different multinational firms all over the globe, massively increasing import and export revenues, thanks to its well-recognised reputation from long-term operation and management.

ASI enlists Ye Chiu Metal Smelting as its new Production and Transformation member

“Cherish resources and protect the environment” sums up how YE CHIU has approached conserving the environment. With resources depleting in today’s society, YE CHIU Group recycles aluminium resources and saves various natural resources. We are bent on providing the community with safe and environmentally friendly green products. YE CHIU Group has established a comprehensive safety control system, a safe production responsibility system and a complete set of safety management systems along with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),” said Mr Ng Weng Hui, Manager of Ye Chiu Group.

The company became a member Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and established itself as an industry leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing. The firm also contributed to developing the national standard GB/T 13586-2006 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys Scrap and many other industry standards.

Sustainability in the Global Aluminium Industry

“We have established a complete production site and equipment maintenance safety procedure to manage the formulated safety models. We have been conducting various safety inspections evaluating safety measures in all departments and workshops and have implemented preventive control, improving all measures as well as our safety management on a regular basis,” added Weng Hui.

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