Aluminium jar lid innovation at KeHE Holiday Show in Chicago

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EEASY Lid, the world's first aluminium lug jar lid developed by Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT), will be displayed at the KeHE Holiday Show on June 12-13 in Chicago by Chilau Foods.  Through a simple button press on the lid, users can effortlessly open vacuum-sealed jars, reducing the required twisting force by up to 50 per cent. This material choice not only enhances sustainability over traditional steel lids but also upholds equal levels of durability.

Aluminium jar lid innovation at KeHE Holiday Show in Chicago


About Chilau Foods

At the upcoming KeHE Holiday Show, Chilau Foods, a flourishing brand recognised for its Southern-inspired stew and boil bases, will feature the EEASY Lid. Last year, Chilau Foods collaborated with CCT to incorporate the EEASY Lid into its product line, elevating customer accessibility.

"Accessibility should not be a luxury – innovative solutions like the EEASY Lid can set a new standard in food packaging that puts consumer needs first. Attending the KeHE Holiday Show with Chilau Foods is a great opportunity for us to continue breaking into the marketplace while emphasising the importance of accessible packaging," stated Brandon Bach, CCT president.

Chilau's esteemed products are widely accessible in numerous stores across the U.S., including Winn-Dixie, Market Street, Albertsons, and United Supermarkets. By the end of this month, the EEASY Lid will debut on Chilau Foods products in over 250 stores.

CCT manufactures the 63 mm lug EEASY Lid

CCT manufactures the 63 mm lug EEASY Lid at its 16,000-square-foot cutting-edge technology centre, located at the company's headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. With its advanced facilities, CCT can produce approximately 800 aluminium lug EEASY Lids per minute, totalling over 250 million annually.

Beyond Chilau Foods' imminent launch, the EEASY Lid is featured on products across 250 Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Price Chopper, and Tops Friendly Markets stores, alongside select speciality grocers in the Northeast. EDEKA Kempken stores in Krefeld, Germany, also proudly utilise the EEASY Lid on their products. CCT is actively engaging with significant grocers, brands, and manufacturers worldwide, aiming to expand the availability of the EEASY Lid into additional stores throughout this year.

Simplifying the process of opening sealed jars

Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) introduces the EEASY™ Lid, marking the most significant advancement in jar lid design in over 75 years and recognised as an honoured of Fast Company's prestigious Innovation by Design award.

Utilising patented technology, the EEASY Lid simplifies the process of opening vacuum-sealed jars with a single push-button mechanism. This much-awaited innovation extends accessibility to 49 per cent of individuals who encounter challenges accessing vacuum-sealed jars due to physical limitations.

Distinguished as the world's inaugural aluminium lug jar lid, the EEASY Lid not only enhances accessibility but also champions sustainability. Its aluminium construction offers a greener alternative to traditional steel lids while maintaining comparable durability.

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