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A green bond that lasts forever: SureWeld sources Capral’s low carbon aluminium for its trailers

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Capral has been a reliable supplier of premium quality aluminium to SureWeld for its aluminium trailers and ramps. SureWeld, which started as a small welding shop in 1976, primarily focused on aluminium ramps. However, with an aim to cater to the growing needs of the machinery industry, the company expanded its product line to include aluminium plant trailers and has emerged as a leading manufacturer in this domain.

A green bond that lasts forever: SureWeld sources Capral’s low carbon aluminium for its trailers


In 2008, SureWeld introduced aluminium trailers to cater to the demand for lightweight trailers that could carry heavy plant equipment and withstand the challenges of difficult terrains. To achieve this, SureWeld's sales manager, Gareth Hansen, turned to aluminium as the ideal material to reduce the weight of their trailers.

The Sales Manager reported: "We found that the machines were getting heavier, the Utes were getting lighter, and the braked towing capacity was dropping, so we developed the aluminium trailer, which was about a third of the weight when compared to standard steel."

SureWeld circulates its products throughout Australia from its headquarters in Victoria. According to Hansen, 80% of its customers are machinery resellers, and only a small portion of its business involves direct transactions with end-users. Typically, the trailers are sold as part of a package deal along with the machines themselves.

Gareth Hansen went on to explain: "The trailers definitely live a tough life, so that's why we have to develop a product to handle the rigours of the environment they work in."

"What sets us apart is that our products are Australian made with Australian materials thanks to sourcing our aluminium through Capral," he added.

SureWeld is a proud Australian company based in the regional town of Wangaratta. The company is dedicated to supporting both the Australian and Victorian industries by producing and transporting high-quality trailers across the country. Even as the company grows and expands, SureWeld remains committed to its roots and values the humble beginnings that led to its success.

Hansen illustrated: "Our aluminium ramps are a little over 50 kilograms, whereas others can be closer to 80 kilograms. We take a lot of pride in our trailers and ramps using a process we call our rolled drawbar. Effectively, we take on pieces of aluminium that we heat treat and roll into the shapes we need; it adds greater stability to the trailer and improves the life expectancy."

SureWeld has established a robust connection with Capral, one of the leading low-carbon aluminium producers in the world. Though the company previously sourced raw materials from other brands, during COVID, it shifted its trust to incorporate Capral's aluminium products.

Hansen elaborated: "When the material first arrives from Capral, we rigorously test it on our hardness tester to ensure it meets the standards we set. Capral has excellent testing procedures, but by doing the testing ourselves as well, we know we are sending the best quality product to market.

"Once it passes its testing, it then rolls onto the production line, where it goes through cutting, shutting, welding, and then finally cleaning," he defined.

Over the past decade, SureWeld has introduced automation to its production line and has worked with Capral, an aluminium specialist, to develop high-quality materials for their trailers and ramps. Capral has been an excellent supply chain partner in terms of fast lead times, ease of doing business, and prompt responses to enquiries.

SureWeld's team of engineers designs the trailers in-house, and the trailers are inspected by Infrastructure Australia to ensure they meet the organization's specifications. The company's motto is to keep Australia moving by providing high-quality, locally sourced spare parts and delivering quality aluminium trailers to their customers.

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