What does AlCircle’s new report on ‘Global Bauxite Industry Insights’ offer to you?

Owing to the increasing demand for aluminium in the market, bauxite, being the most important ore of the metal, containing 30-60% of aluminium oxide, is seeing an incessant rise in its use. Bauxite is processed first into alumina using the Bayer process and then into pure aluminium by electrolysis. In 2019, global bauxite consumption for the production of alumina (smelter grade and chemical grade) was approximately 264.7 million tonnes, while its output reached 370 million tonnes. 

Bauxite reserves across the world have exceeded 30 billion tonnes, with Guinea, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, and Jamaica accounting for more than 70% of the total. China is the largest consumer of the ore, while Guinea tops the list of suppliers, followed by Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Jamaica. But when it comes to production, Australia ranks first.

The production of bauxite is expected to see a further ramp-up in the future, with many leading smelters trying to enter the upstream sector of the aluminium value chain. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the demand for the aluminium products has seen a hit, the productions of bauxite and aluminium ingots have remained unaffected. Although going ahead, declining demand for aluminium from various end-use applications is estimated to create repercussions in the bauxite mining, but the long-term outlook remains optimistic.

Keeping this in mind, AlCircle thought to come up with yet another futuristic report and this time on Global Bauxite Industry Insights. This report touches upon bauxite mining process, types and characteristics of bauxite, current leaders in bauxite production and consumption, bauxite market purview, potential upcoming bauxite projects, and world bauxite trade. Technologies used in the bauxite mining and implementation of Industry 4.0 have also been discussed in this report. Lastly, the report refers to the guidelines for sustainable bauxite mining.

This report has also attempted to analyse the global bauxite price trend and review the COVID-19 impact on the industry.

In a nutshell, the report covers the following points:


  • Minerology of bauxite - Bauxite quality and its importance
  • Types and characteristics of bauxite
  • Bauxite mining
  • Alumina refining process - An overview

Bauxite Resource, Reserves and Production

  • Bauxite resources and reserves across countries
  • Bauxite production across regions/countries
  • Profiles of major bauxite supplying countries
  • COVID-19 impact on the bauxite mining industry

Bauxite Markets

  • Metallurgical bauxite
  • Metallurgical bauxite consumption across countries
  • Bauxite consumption for smelter grade alumina production
  • Non-metallurgical bauxite
  • Upcoming bauxite, alumina projects
  • Bauxite price analysis

World Bauxite Trade

  • Trade dynamics
  • Trade policies and developments

Bauxite Mining Technologies & Industry 4.0

  • Bauxite mining technologies: An overview
  • Industry 4.0 and bauxite mining

Key Players in Bauxite Mining

  • Profiles of top bauxite mining companies

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