AlCircle launched another Sector Focus Report – “A Worldwide Market Analysis of Aluminium Wire rod, Cables & Conductors - Industry forecasts to 2025” into its 2018 Report portfolio. AlCircle now offers exclusive sector specific reports that are designed to help industry participants with accurate information and in better decision making. World aluminium wire rod usage is estimated to have increased from 5.87 million tonnes in 2014 to about 6.26 million tonnes in 2017 and further to 6.45 million tonnes in 2018. Owing to its properties, aluminium cables and conductors have successfully replaced copper as the principal medium for carrying electricity over the last five decades. Aluminum wire rod is produced by several different processes namely extrusion, rolling and coiling, or drawn directly from molten aluminium. It is also produced through continuous casting technique. The rods are then used as raw material for making aluminium cables and overhead conductors that yield excellent mechanical and electrical cable properties. Owing to quick urbanization and faster growth of the building and construction sector, electrical transmission and distribution networks have grown over the years driving demand for aluminium products like wire rod, wire, cable and overhead conductor. According to the International Cablemakers Federation, the global market for all types of power and telecom cables and conductors is estimated at US$ 150 billion in 2016. This report focuses on usage of aluminium wire rod in power cables & conductors used in transmission and distribution lines. The AlCircle Report on Aluminium Wire rod, Cables & Conductors would offer the following key topics: Global electricity market scenario World aluminium usage - An overview Aluminium wire rod usage & forecast Aluminium Wire rod, cables & conductors: Technology & Applications Comparison of copper and aluminium as conducting materials Production process of wire rod & cables Application of aluminium wire rod, cables and conductors Usage and Forecast Across Global Regions Renewable Energy & its Impact on Aluminium Wire, Cables & Conductors The special market report packs in more analysis and observations supported by data. For pre-booking, reach out to us at


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