What does the AlCircle Aluminium Industry Recap 2021 offer to you?

With each year gone by, AlCircle presents an industrial recap report summarising the important investments, expansions, and joint ventures made in the year. Hence, as the year 2021 ends, we launch the AlCircle Aluminium Industry Recap 2021, which covers the price movements of the metal and all the import affairs that shaped or disrupted the global aluminium industry value chain in the said year.
What grabbed all of our attention in 2021 was the price surge of aluminium to a 13-year high, led by a coup in Guinea, the world’s largest bauxite reserves with roughly 7.4 billion tonnes or about one-third of the global total. The combination of improved demand and supply constraint of the metal also contributed to the record price hike. The demand primarily came from the building and construction sector, food and drinks packaging, consumer durables, and industrial machinery.
The global primary aluminium production saw an increase in the year from 59.629 million tonnes (January-November 2020) to 61.792 million tonnes (January-November 2021). Bauxite production is estimated to see a rise of 3.8% to reach 372.8 million tonnes, while alumina output flaunted a growth of 4.97 per cent from 110.050 million tonnes (January-October 2020) to 115.524 million tonnes (January-October 2021). 
Besides all this, the recap report has highlighted investments, collaborations, and expansions vertical wise. The report will also give you the opportunity to know how the global aluminium industry is recovering from the COVID-19 crisis in early and late 2021. All the major developments are not only analysed chronologically but also analytically so that you can conclude the progress in the aluminium industry in 2021.

In a nutshell, following points are covered by our Aluminium Industry Recap 2021: 


  • Coup in Guinea and its impact on the global bauxite industry
  • The Ghana bauxite industry 
  • Canyon Resources and its Minim Martap Bauxite project in Cameroon
  • The Australian bauxite 
  • China and its bauxite import
  • Indonesian bauxite
  • Bauxite of Jamaica
  • Indian bauxite sector
  • Hydro’s bauxite in Brazil
  • Outlook for 2022


  • Price Scenario
  • Production Scenario at Top Refineries
  • Expansion of Projects
  • Trade Focus
  • Short Term Outlook

Primary Aluminium

  • Primary aluminium production
  • Inventory situation
  • Demand Supply Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Power shortage and its effect on primary aluminium sector
  • New projects & investments
  • Outlook for 2022

Downstream Aluminium

  • Aluminium extrusion
  • Aluminium rolling
  • Aluminium grain refiner
  • Aluminium Foundry
  • Aluminium for the automotive industry
  • Aluminium Alloy wheels
  • Outlook for 2022


  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • Transport


  • Recycling rates
  • Year-on-Year Recycling Rate – aluminium package 
  • Production and Consumption
  • Key Projects and Highlights
  • Key Affairs
  • Outlook for 2022

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