Red mud or bauxite residue, a slurry by-product formed when alumina is produced from bauxite through Bayer process has remained one of the biggest challenges for the aluminium industry since its inception. With the production growth of primary aluminium, the issue is becoming more acute as the alumina sector is generating more and more red mud leading to a storage problem and the risk of releasing of waste into the environment. As it is considered a hazardous waste, a leakage becomes a serious issue for the refineries and the communities living around a refinery. On an average, for every tonne of alumina produced, around 1.18 tonnes of red mud is generated. It is estimated that in 2018, alumina refineries across the world generated around 154 million tonnes of red mud while producing 130 million tonnes of alumina. It is extremely difficult to arrive at one standard and viable solution for red mud across all smelters. Despite these constraints, the aluminium industry has been constantly improving methods of managing red mud, while investing on R&D and on its processing and storage facilities. A number of organizations are also working towards commercial re-utilization of red mud. AlCircle, being at the forefront of the aluminium industry information circle, has been doing its own research on the work being done in the field of red mud management. Finally, we have been able to come up with a report on "Red Mud (Bauxite Residue) Management: Storage & Valorisation" In a nutshell, the report covers the following points: Bauxite reserves and mining trend Bauxite quality, Characteristics of bauxite deposits Alumina production trends and key producers Upcoming bauxite and alumina projects An introduction to red mud Alumina production process Composition of red mud (physical and chemical properties Is red mud hazardous? Major incidents of red mud spillage in recent years Remediation / rehabilitation of red mud Red mud generation region-wise Utilisation of red mud (valorisation) Recovery of components from red mud Red Mud Applications Select alumina producers & red mud management / utilisation. The report is available in both digital and print options.


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