Techmo Car S.p.A.

Company Description

Techmo is a manufacturer and supplier of state- of- the- art mobile and stationary equipment for the metal industry in general and aluminium industry in particular. A front-runner in the world with more than 50 years of experience in the engineering and production of these high end equipment, Techmo products are highly demanded and by the major aluminium producers globally. Operating from more than 30 countries and adopting all kinds of smelter reduction technologies the company has been able to keep its products and services updated with the changing industry demands.

During the 1960’s Techmo became the first company in the world to conceptualize and engineer specialized vehicles tailor made for the potrooms in aluminium smelters.

Techmo’s mission is to work with an integrated approach towards satisfying customer requirements as a “project partner”.  Each project is carried out according to a specific engineering analysis of the requirements of the production process and the client. It involves the client from the design stage to the commissioning and then extends to after sale services step by step, creating long term relations based on mutual trust and respect.