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Superfine Group of Industries


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Superfine Group of Industries

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The Superfine Group of Industries is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Aluminium Extruded Profiles and Sections. It owns 8 aluminium extrusion press lines that include a 2200MT press, five 900MT presses, a 600MT press and an extrusion line specially meant for critical aluminium extruded products. In addition to this, it operates a Cast House, Foundry, Tool Room, Aluminium Fabrication Unit, Test Lab, Surface Finishing Plant, and Quality Control System.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art facility, Superfine can downguage its products to a significant extent and produce extruded sections with wall thickness as low as 0.30mm and width not exceeding 272mm. Presently, the extruder deals in high-end aluminium alloys of AA 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series.

Superfine’s prolific product portfolio features around 4500 aluminium profiles and a wide range of indigenous aluminium extruded sections. But this is not all the extrusion maker has to offer. It is constantly innovating and building on its expertise to live up to the changing market demand. It has already chalked out the roadmap of venturing into the 2xxx and 7xxx series of aluminium alloys in the near future.

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Superfine caters to a wide cross-section of the aluminium extrusion market covering application areas like Structural and Architectural, Solar, Transport, Defense, Nuclear Stations, Electronics, Modular Furniture, Automotive, Luggage, Car Accessories, Electrical Conductors, Aviation, Refrigeration, Green house, AC Grills and Air Ducts, Automation, Engineering, Communication, and LED lightning to name a few. This also includes critical extruded sections and tubes used in automobile manufacturing and refrigeration industry.

Owing to this extensive coverage, Superfine Group has been able to grow its global footprint and earn significantly through exports while contributing to the overall growth of the country’s economy. 

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Manufacturer of Aluminium extrusion

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