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Primary Aluminium - Industry Reports
Free Emerging Applications of Aluminium and its Alloys

Wrought and cast aluminium alloys use different identification systems. Wrought aluminium is identified with a fourdigit number which identifies the alloying elements.Cast aluminium alloys use a four to five digit number with a decimal point. The digit in the hundreds place indic ...

Posted On : 17/Sep/2016
Free National Seminar on Aluminium - The Strategicmetal

The Aluminium Industries, of the United States & India are dedicated to promotingthe benefitsof the metalin three major markets : transportation, packaging and building & construction.

Posted On : 17/Sep/2016
Free Alcoa Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results

Profit in Future Combined Arconic Segments Grew Year-Over-Year. Profit in Future Combined Alcoa Corporation Segments Rose Sequentially Company on Track to Separate in the Second Half of 2016

Posted On : 12/Jul/2016
Free Optimal Design of Comprehensive Pipeline in Aluminum Plant Area

Based on analysis and summary of such factors as process flow characteristics, pipe rack spacing, layer spacing, compensator, and 3D design of comprehensive pipeline arrangement in aluminum plant area, the essay presents three indexes such as the length ( LAO) of pipeline for uni ...

Posted On : 10/Jun/2016
Free USGS Mineral Industry Survey (ALUMINUM IN FEBRUARY 2016)

USGS Mineral Industry Survey (ALUMINUM IN FEBRUARY 2016)  Following recent smelter shutdowns in United States, only two companies reported domestic production of primary aluminum in February 2016. Consequently, production data were withheld to avoid the release of propri ...

Posted On : 10/May/2016
Free Aluminum hot top casting for hollow billet

As one of the aluminium fabrication products, aluminium pipe is widely used in military civilian fields with highly added value; At present, most processing enterprise still use the vertical semi-continuous casting method to produce hollow billet,which would cause bad surface qu ...

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free In-depth Analysis of Lining Designs for High Amperage Electrolytic Cell

Contents 1. Problems on high amperage cell2. Main cell lining areas and analysis of high-amperage cell 3. Insulation Experiment of lining material 4. Conclusions and recommendations

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free Busbar Design for High Amperage Prebaked Anode Cell

The conductor system of cell and the ferromagnet form the second-level magnetic field source; and the 2 magnetic fields have great impact on the stability of cell.In order to get the high current and low cell voltage (low ACD) possible, a very effective measure is to try to slow ...

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free Study on the Influence on Thermal Field by the Entropy Change during Aluminum Electrolysis

Main Content : 1.Chemical reactions during aluminum electrolysis2.Thermal field of aluminum electrolysis cell3.Complex electrolyte molten salt system4.Low-voltage power-saving cell technology5.Prospects

Posted On : 27/Apr/2016
Free UC RUSAL announces results for the year ended 31 December 2015

UC RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, has recently announced its results for the year ended 31 December 2015. The company’s revenue decreased by 7.2% to USD8,680 million, while adjusted EBITDA stood at USD2,015 million.  

Posted On : 14/Mar/2016