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AL-CARK Caustic Analyser

This refractometer sensor features include:

Measures density of the liquor phase of a slurry – independent of suspended solids or mud
Extensive after sales service
Real-time and accurate
In-line measurements
Measure alumina caustic ratio
Reliance on lab sampling for caustic and A/C control is greatly reduced
Operators can respond immediately to process disturbances and have near immediate feedback of changes initiated
Closed loop feed back control for caustic liquor dilution loops is absolutely achievable

The sensor:

Uses a digital CCD array to detect light bend angle (critical angle) in the liquid phase of a solution
This angle is directly proportional to the density of the liquid phase
Use no moving parts, pots or dials and as the measurement is digital and all parts are fixed, it is completely free from signal drift
Method of critical angle detection is also immune to the effects of bubbles, suspended solids (up to 90% suspended solids), colour, vibration, flow, temperature and viscosity
Is installed directly in the process piping or sidestream. We angle-mount the sensor to reduce the effects of erosion
We implement and maintain a flow velocity above 1.5 meters per second and we do not experience scaling on any installation.
Prism washing systems available for solids free or low velocity applications



Clarity and suspended solids sensors, turbidity meter, turbidity sensor for direct in-tank or in-line installation. All designed for high scaling service.

Current installations include:

• Light attenuation probes for in line or fixed immersion in tanks.
• Various sensor materials designed to repel scale. Including NXT75, polypropylene, ptfe.
• Various path lengths to cover 1 mg/litre through number of grams per litre sensitivity.
• Rated to 120 deg C
• Silver tinned copper cable – military spec.
• Standard air and water washing systems available.
• Tailings thickener overflow turbidity.
• Precipitation tank overflow suspended solids.
• Seed thickener overflow suspended solids


• Clarifier overflow turbidity sensor rated to 120 deg C.
• Optical Fibre technology ranged 0 to 500 mgpl.
• Perfect for alumina clarifier overflow solids.


Conductivity Meter for Slurries AL-DCIK A/C Analyser


• In-line real time monitoring
• Rugged sensor designed specifically for harsh slurry environments
• Flexible communications and repeatable calibration procedure
Where PEEK, Teflon and Epoxy bodies suffer from erosion and subsequent frequent, expensive replacements. The core of the sensor is encased in a specially designed ceramic outer to provide absolute wear resistance.




SmarDiver is a ruggedized mud diver that provides measurement of mud levels, settling zones and overflow clarity in thickeners, clarifiers, washers and decanters. Tank profiling (suspended solids vs depth) is also provided, as it is specific gravity profiling and bed level measurement.

Process engineers, armed with the kind of data this level measurement instrument provides, can attack process optimisation of flocculation and underflow density control head-on. Operations can almost cease manual “dipping” of the tanks and get detailed analysis of what is flowing in and out of their tankage.


Features and Benefits:

  • Provides highly repeatable and accurate measurement of mud level and interface level
  • Helps to ensure efficient and cost effective vessel operation
  • Uses standard brand name PLC’s and motor drives, ensuring bugs or faults after commissioning are more easily eliminated.
  • The system is supplied with remote 3G dial-in using “team viewer” to make monitoring and troubleshooting operations easier.
  • Full warranty and onsite support

PLA Smart Divers are being used in the alumina, nickel, copper, uranium, mineral sands, and gold mining industries.  We now boast more than 200 successful installations worldwide.