Instrumentation, Installation & Measuring Technology

Clarity and suspended solids sensors, turbidity meter, turbidity sensor for direct in-tank or in-line installation. All designed for high scaling service.

Current installations include:

• Light attenuation probes for in line or fixed immersion in tanks.
• Various sensor materials designed to repel scale. Including NXT75, polypropylene, ptfe.
• Various path lengths to cover 1 mg/litre through number of grams per litre sensitivity.
• Rated to 120 deg C
• Silver tinned copper cable – military spec.
• Standard air and water washing systems available.
• Tailings thickener overflow turbidity.
• Precipitation tank overflow suspended solids.
• Seed thickener overflow suspended solids


• Clarifier overflow turbidity sensor rated to 120 deg C.
• Optical Fibre technology ranged 0 to 500 mgpl.
• Perfect for alumina clarifier overflow solids.

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