Precision Light & Air Pty Ltd

Company Description

Precision Light & Air is an instrumentation manufacturer specialising in process analysers such as the SmartDiver (MudDiver). Our analysers are particularly suited to high-scale and high temperate applications as seen in the Alumina and Nickel Industries.

Currently we have installations in 17 countries around the world with our core product, SmartDiver sludge blanket level meter and a full line-up of process analysers including:


AL-CAR-K In-line slurry liquor density analysis designed specifically for the alumina industry, and other industrial processes with aggressive slurry content
AL-DCIK In-line Ceramic Conductivity Sensor designed for harsh slurry environments
SmartDose Automatic emulsion control station manufactured specifically for longwall coal mining industry
SmartDiver Mud Diver, level measurement and tank profiling station
Slurry Density Meter In-line sound velocity and sound attenuation for clean liquors and slurries for specific concentration measurements
Clarity Probes Clarity and suspended solids sensors for direct in-tank or in-line installation


In-line liquid measurements
Analysis instruments for materials and liquid