Double mitre saw DG 244

Double mitre saw DG 244



Machines for working ALU profiles

The universal pivoting and tilting of both saw heads allows cutting of high and wide profiles as well as compound mitres. The well-proven elumatec principle of"sawing from below" enables optimum loading and unloading of profiles by freely accessible support table areas. Cutting length variants4,500 mm, 6,000 mm Technical information Minimum cutting length: 375 mm at 90° and 45° Pivoting range inwards: pneumatically 90° - 45 (manually up to 22.5° inwards and up to 140° outwards with digital display) Tilting range inwards: pneumatically 90° - 45 (intermediate angles manually adjustable with digital read–out display and turret stop) Saw blade diameter 550 mm Spindle speed 2,250 r.p.m.

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