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Downstream Products - Industry Reports
Free Development and Application of Shape Control System for Cold Mills

Shape, means the wave of the strip in the rolling process it is expressed as the difference of length over the strip width. The shape control system of cold and foil mills can improve the quality and production efficiency significantly.The system proves to be stable and the resu ...

Posted On : 07/Jun/2016
Free A Super Ductile Diecast Al–Mg–Si Alloy and Heterogeneous Nucleation Behaviour of Fe-rich Particles

Outline•Development of a ductile Al-Mg-Si alloy•Heterogeneous Nucleation of α-Al Grain on Fe-rich Particles•Conclusions

Posted On : 07/Jun/2016
Free Study on the plc characteristic of 5083 aluminum alloy sheet with two kinds of heat treatment states

The gray large particles in the microstructure is remained constituent (FeMn) Al6. The crystallization temperature of (FeMn) Al6 and other constituent distributing along rolling direction of the alloy sheet is over 600?. Annealing and quenching treated at 450? have no effect on t ...

Posted On : 10/May/2016
Free Semi-Solid Die Casting of High Quality and Complex Shape Aluminium Alloy Components

Content : 1.Semi-solid Slurry Preparation2.Apparent Viscosity Measurement3.Process Optimization and Numerical Simulation4.Heat Treatment5.Industrial Application

Posted On : 10/May/2016
Free Effect of Cu on microstructure and mechanical properties of 6xxx alloys

1.Introduction2.Experimental procedure3.Results and discussion4.Conclusions

Posted On : 10/May/2016
Free The Research on Development and Application of Contact type Shape Meter

Flatness, apparently, describes the strip warpage which is produced during rollingprocess. It is expressed by relative length generally. Internally, it reflects the residual stress distribution. Flatness is an important parameter on cold rolled product quality. It not onlyinflue ...

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free Numerical Simulation of Extrusion Process and Optimization of Process Parameters for 6061Al Alloy

Introduction Finite Element Model Simulation and Optimization Results and Discussion Conclusions  

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free Study of hot deformation behavior of 6016 aluminum alloy

The flow stress of 6061 aluminum alloy decreases with increase deformation temperature, and the flow stress increases with increase strain rate. The activation energy Q is 158.5kJ/mol. The constitutive equation of 6016 aluminum alloy is established. The main dynamic softening me ...

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free Effect of composition and natural ageing on the mechanical properties of 6xxx alloys

With natural ageing proceeds, the strength of 6xxx alloy increases, while the elongation decreases. The decrease in the elongation is due to the depletion of solutes in the matrix, which deteriorates the work hardening capability. The alloys with high Mg or Si content show a sim ...

Posted On : 09/May/2016
Free Study on composition optimization of 7N01 aluminium alloy

Backgrouds: 1)Since the 1980s, aluminum alloy used in transportation already draws a lot of attention and preference. 2)In industrialized countries, more than 30 percent of total consumption of aluminum alloy is used in transportation . 3)Study on aluminum alloy used in transp ...

Posted On : 29/Apr/2016