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Alumina - Industry Reports
Free Digestion Studies on Recovery of Alumina from Red Mud

Introduction The specific consumption of bauxite in the Indian Alumina refineries areranges between 2.6 to 3.2 t/t.This is comparable to the consumption of most of the alumina refineriesexcept for those in Western Australia, which processes low available aluminabauxites.Indian b ...

Posted On : 27/Dec/2016
Free New Red Mud Flocculants for High Silica Bauxites

Extract from the Alumina Technology Roadmap (Update, 2011), we take our lead:To develop the technologies required for– Refineries being self sufficient in water usage, with low or no impact on local watersupply;– minimizing discharges including water, dusts, alkali, V ...

Posted On : 28/Nov/2016
Free Importance of a Professionally operated Laboratory to the Optimisation of an Alumina Refinery

Agenda • Rusal Aughinisho General Information• Development of the Laboratory• Quality Controlo Benchmark Proficiency Testing• Development beyond an Analytical Laboratoryo R&D Examples• Conclusiono Competent Laboratory Key to Refinery successo Foundat ...

Posted On : 28/Nov/2016
Free INNOVATIVE DRYING TECHOLOGY : Genesis Resource Technology

The Technology• The Benefits• The Opportunities The Technology(Air Drying Technology)Process:• High moisture feed is fed into the pump assemblywhere the high volume air transports it along a standard poly pipe.• Laminar flow is created which assists the water ...

Posted On : 28/Nov/2016
Free Alternative Alumina Refinery : Prima Resources

BARRIERS TO GROWTH IN ALUMINA• Over the past 25 years only one alumina refinery has come onstream in Western countries• Brownfield capacity has been added to several major Westernrefineries during this period• Sharply rising capex and opex are likely to stifle furt ...

Posted On : 28/Nov/2016
Free New Business Model BAA Industry : Prima Resources Pty Ltd

 Bauxite Residue Reclamation Projects to maximise profits from Bauxite Ore1. 3.0 Tonnes Bauxite Ore to Produce 1.0 Tonne Alumina (WA)2.0 Tonnes Bauxite Residue are produced2. $100 / Tonne Profit from Alumina$600 / Tonne Profit from Extracting Metals from Bauxite Residue ...

Posted On : 28/Nov/2016
Free Potential & Opportunity for Alumina Production in Guinea

• Bauxite Context and Legal Framework• Alumina in Guinea• Infrastructure in Guinea– Existing Corridors and Projects– Future Corridors and Projects• Conclusions

Posted On : 25/Nov/2016
Free Alumina plant steam consumption analysis and energy saving measures

Alumina production costs mainly include raw materials, fuel and power, wages and accessories, manufacturing costs, management, marketing, etc. Among them, the bauxite and fuel and power consumption accounted for very large percentage, about the total cost of 60%~70. Direct energ ...

Posted On : 22/Sep/2016
Free Integrated Utilization of Digestion Flash steam

Digestion is the core process in alumina production. In this section, by heating the raw slurry to the digestion temperature, making the Al2O3 in the bauxite can be fully dissolved in the circulating spent liquor. After the heated slurry stayed in the digester and digested, it fl ...

Posted On : 22/Sep/2016
Free Integrated Utilization of Digestion Flash steam

Digestion is the main energy consumption section in alumina refinery. Commonly, flash steam in this process cannot be fully used during production, which induces energy waste. This article chooses the typical domestic alumina refinery and analyzes the currently utilization of the ...

Posted On : 17/Aug/2016