Full Automatic Multi-billet Hot Shear Furnace

Full Automatic Multi-billet Hot Shear Furnace



Metal Roll Forming

Rolling equipment

Non-Ferrous Metal

Main feature of hot log shear:
1. stable and reliable, durable, non oil-leakage, less fault
2. surface of billet is smooth, less deformat
3. can set the length of shear
4. lubricate, test billet automatically, feeding billet to extrusion press automatically

5. controlled by PLC, operated by touch-screen


Extusion press auxiliary machine, match with extrusion press
Length of billet:2500mm~8000mm
Diameter of billet:Φ70mm~Φ300mm
Shearing length:250mm~1000mm
Temperature difference:±5?
Fuel:LPG, Light oil, NG,Coal
Consumption:22~27kg/t.Al(light oil)?26~30m3/t.Al(NG)
Production period:90~200 seconds per time
Match:according to customer’s request, match with vertical hot shear or horizontal hot shear

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