Company Description

With considerable experience in industrial engineering and project management, Fives proposes ultimate solutions for the primary and secondary aluminium industry from equipment supply to full EPC. 

Fives provides industrial solutions and associated services that meet customers’ needs and requirements in terms of performance, product quality and environmental footprint. As an enterprising partner, Fives works with aluminium producers to bring pioneering technologies adapted to the growing capacity of their smelters equipped with high amperage pots. From the maintenance of proprietary equipment to comprehensive turnkey projects, Fives is committed to implement the highest HSE standards in all phases.

In the primary aluminium industry, Fives designs and supplies process equipment and manages complete installations in:


  • Reduction Area: Gas Treatment Centers, Pot Tending Machines and Pot Equipment.

  • Carbon Area: High Capacity Green Anode Plants including Carbon Butts Processing and Pitch Fume Treatment systems, Pitch storage and processing, Firing Systems & Fume Treatment Centers for anode baking furnaces, Furnace Tending Assembly Machines, Anode Handling & Storage,, Bath Processing Units and Anode Rodding Shops.

  • Casthouse Area: Melting and Holding furnaces including water cooling systems, combustion systems as well as integration of downstream casting machines.


Fives also offers EPC solutions for downstream and secondary aluminium plants