OPTIFOIL® Aluminum Foil Doubler

OPTIFOIL® Aluminum Foil Doubler



Technology Equipments, Rolling equipment


Technology Equipments, Rolling equipment

OPTIFOIL® doublers (AFD) feature ultramodern design. Their job is to double extremely thin aluminum foils just a few microns thick in preparation for the last rolling pass.
Typical performances of an OPTIFOIL® Aluminium Foil Doubler:

• Foil width: ≤ 2,500 mm
• Foil thickness: 2 x 10 – 2 x 100 (150) µm
• Unwinding diameter: ≤ 2,300 mm
• Winding diameter: ≤ 2,300 mm
• Unwinding roll weight: ≤ 20,000 kg
• Speed: ≤ 1,500 m/min

Ideally, an OPTIFOIL® separator is then used to separate the ultrathin foils after the final pass. For further processing some most modern types of OPTIFOIL® slitters present themselves. Trusted points of contact provide professional service, support and competent advice over the entire operating life of machinery and systems.

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