Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG

The world market leader in building aluminium foil rolling mills & Aluminum Foil Doubler

Company Description

Achenbach is a strong brand in the market for non-ferrous rolling mills and is the world market leader for foil rolling mills, rolling mill automation and rolling oil microfiltration. It is also known worldwide for its OPTIFOIL brand for slitting machinery of non-ferrous metals and converting materials.

Achenbach delivers three core messages to its customers:

  • We are the Specialists.
  • We are Leaders in technology and quality.
  • We are your Partner!

Its philosophy ‘Technology for Future Concepts’ reflects the Achenbach standard: Achenbach has the technological know-how to transfer its customers' ideas concerning first-class rolling and slitting products into most-modern and tailor-made machinery. It is always both, path and destination.

Achenbach Buschhütten is a long-established enterprise. It is family-owned and owner-run to the present day and therefor a typical example for the reknown ‘German Mittelstand’. Founded in 1452 as a hammer mill, it became a foundry in 1846 before rolling mill building began in 1888. Today, Achenbach machinery is running in about 60 countries around the world.